Saturday, June 6, 2020

Moved to Idaho from California! Bells Palsy, Life, New Puppy Marley

Our house closed on 9-19-19. What a date right?
We are loving north Idaho and it snowed in September 2019 and I guess that was a record, it hadn't happened since the early 1900's.
Our California house sold in 4 days and closed on 12-19-19. That’s so interesting. If I was Anne of Green Gables I could think of a more interesting word than interesting.

So going back to August 2019 put bid in on this house and got it. Like I said above it closed in September 2019 which seemed like the longest closing ever! the owners were not easy to deal with but things all worked out in the end and we are here!

September Steve and I parked our trailer outside the house here in Idaho and remodeled the house. It was only three years old but the floor plan was cute, the property was nice on 1 acre, but the house was dirty and the flooring awful. So we had to update the house even the kitchen that was so so ugly.

October we return back to California filled with a sense of accomplishment and yet knowing we had to sell that house and the thought of packing was daunting. We arrived home at midnight to a flood in the house, wood bamboo floors buckled. The toilet valve behind the toilet in the wall leaked.
State farm insurance refused to pay out, we were stuck with a hefty bill for drying out the house and fixing the walls and getting rid of mold and adding new floors.

1 week later still in October, we have the house packed and ready to move to Idaho, we had to leave our CA home because of the water damage and mold. We hire the movers and the moving bill was big. $10,000.00
YIKIES! we had a large truck and a smaller one for tools and back yard furniture and stuff. We did not get rid of everything, but we got rid of some things. It does not make much sense to get rid of things your will end up repurchasing and take a huge loss on perfecting good furniture and things. It would cost us more than $10,000.00 to replace even just a few things and furniture.
So we get up to North Idaho to our new home and the movers were supposed to be here at the same day as us, they never show, Steve calls, they will be here tomorrow, the next day the same and then the next day the same. They said they are on the way! finally one truck arrives, the smaller one! that has the yard and tool stuff. Luckily it also had my moms bed and furniture as well.
The other truck is a no show for almost a week. Steve pulls the mattress into the house from the trailer. He has to leave to go back to CA to work on the house and get it ready to sell. He is gone almost a month. I cannot unpack to much because the boxes are pilled so high in the garage. I cannot find much, it's frustrating. The movers broke things, not a lot, but some things, they also forgot a few few things. Steve gets what he can while there but cannot get a very large extending ladder because our truck won't fit it.

Early November I fell and hurt my back really bad. I can't walk or move well and go to the urgent care and they give me medication but it does not help so I go back and they give me some strong stuff and it works. I start feeling a little better. The house sells in CA and Steve arrives home a few days before Thanksgiving. My back is still not great. Eventually by early December I start feeling like myself again.

December we leave to go back to CA for Steve to get his shoulder surgery. We get there and the anesthesiologist refuses to do the operation because he said his heart test from a few years ago was not good and so they cancel the surgery. Even though he had had several knee surgeries since the heart test. He is mad. We spend a few days with the kids and have a Christmas celebration with them and head home on the 22 of December.
We arrive home to Idaho and everything is well. Yay!
The house in CA closed! all that stress is gone. I start feeling pretty happy and pretty good physically.
December ends well.

January 2020 on the 13th day my dog Edee passes away suddenly after being fine all day. The electric had gone off that evening and I think my moms pills that had fallen on the floor, though I picked them up, I think one got eaten by Edee and she passed away in my arms 6 hours later. I cried and cried and got a big stye on my eye and never had one before in my life.
My moms memory and problems start to really stress me out. Having to do so much unpacking and updating our lives and keeping up with all the mail and changing of our address and not being able to go anywhere without her really starts to get to me. She was like this in CA as well, but now I can't take it anymore. I want to live my life, I want to live with less stress. I want to be with my husband.

February 2020 Struggling through the month still broken hearted about Edee and taking care of mom is so hard now. Valentine's day we take mom to lunch and then a few days later I get Bells Palsy. I had been having a nervous breakdown and then now I have Bells Palsy. It's terrible and I become extremely depressed.
A week after Valentine's day we put mom in assisted living. I need to get well, feel better and destress!
I find a puppy Chihuahua clear across the state of Idaho and we take the 8 hour trip to go get him. We name him Marley. We head home and he is just precious. I love him right away. I fall madly in love with him.

March Coronavirus. I miss my kids but I am glad we are here in Idaho, North Idaho so beautiful.

April We go into lock down for one month. Does not help me with my depression and mood, but I have Marley thank God.

May comes and goes in a flash, still have Bells Palsy. Can smile without teeth, eye is paralyzed still. Getting well is not going to be quick for me. My face is not lopsided anymore. Still have some parlayed face because I cannot smile with teeth and it feels weird.

June a few days into it and I know I will get better, but decided every day I will go look in the mirror and pray that God will heal me and believe that he will. I cannot give up. It's been almost 4 months.

We've done so much on this house it looks beautiful and I feel blessed, I have less stress but still I am depressed because my eye that is paralyzed gives me so much problems. It's awful.

Steve will have his shoulder surgery finally this month and Tuesday my mom gets cataract surgery. Starting to feel stressed again like everything is reaching a crescendo again, mom and Steve and me, how can I deal with this all at this time. I won't, God will. I give it to him.

Meet Marley. He has blue eyes, you can't tell in this photo. My face droopy here, this photo was taken April 12th. I try to cover my frozen eye, that is what I call it.

Mr Marley the day we brought him home, February 29th (leap year), 2020

This is my new she shed, it's actually called a playhouse, it's pretty big inside. Love it. Steve fixed it up with sheetrock, electricity and some electric heat from a little electric fireplace that moves around. Very cute. I finally got the furniture in there and I am waiting for fabric to come so I can make the curtains.

Me just a few days before I got Bells Palsy. For about a week before I had severe pain in my neck and  ear and I woke up the Sunday after Easter and had a bad headache and stayed home from church and then suddenly the Bells Palsy came on.

Me December 31, biding a snowman with Steve in our backyard. 

Edee's paw prints. 

Then End for Now!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Homemade Humming Bird Nectar Recipe is the Best Way to Go and Packing

Every recipe I read for the hummingbird nectar is the same. However some people do not understand the one part to four parts.
Another thing I have read is not to put red dye in the hummingbirds nectar. Give them fresh nectar every few days and clean the feeder. 
Sometimes I wonder if we are helping or killing these little guys. 
Anyway I have a lot of hummingbirds looking for food and did not put any out this year because it's a lot of work to be that responsible for making fresh nectar and replacing with fresh every few days and cleaning the feeder. I am not always in the mood for that. 
However I feel so bad they are looking all over for it at my house going right up to the windows. 

Recipe for Hummingbird Nectar

1 cup sugar
4 cups water

Heat the water and add the sugar until it dissolves and stir very well. Add to feeder and change out every few days. Be sure to clean the feeder before adding fresh new nectar. There will be some leftover nectar most likely so you can store it in the fridge. I don't fill my feeders all the way up that way it does not get wasted. My hummingbirds are very stingy and aggressive and don't like to share 
so I normally only have a few feeding off the one feeder. 

I know today is 9-11 and I am hearing all the sad stories. Really brings you back to that very sad day. God Bless all those that lost family and all the wonderful people that worked so tirelessly to save lives and look for those that they knew we're not alive.

Nope not time to get to Idaho yet, the house has not closed. I am aimlessly going through the house each day wondering if I should pack or not pack? Will the house close? It's supposed to close on the 20th, but I ask and get no definite answer. It's so frustrating. 
Today we took picture and art off the walls and painted where the pictures were. I took a lot of things and packed it so stage the house for selling. 
Just to get rid of clutter. If anything goes wrong with the house, we will just sell this one and figure out the next step. I am sure everything will be ok. But if the house does not close in time the sellers could get mad and cut the deal off.

So this room was once two rooms and we removed the fireplace wall that separated the two rooms and made into one large open area. We got a new blue couch a few years ago and now the furniture does not match. Well the chairs and couches. They don't have lazy-boy where we are going so we ordered a new recliner couch in blue, that is the only couch Steve will sit on. It will be here Friday. My son will take the old greenish tan couch under my quilt and I will move the tan chair to out in the garage to open up the space and it will flow better with the same colored furniture, at least I think so. And removing the chair will help as well. The space is a nice space. I will try to get a decent photo after the new couch arrives on Saturday. Thankful we took down the wall and fireplace that separated these rooms it was just so weird. 

With so many things off the wall it looks so bare, but I think this is a good idea, helps people imagine their own things in that space. 

Take Care and Have a Wonderful Evening!