Monday, January 1, 2018

Good Bye 2017! Happy New Year! Hello 2018

Well... I missed writing in my blog for many months. 
Yesterday was my moms 85th Birthday! 

We had a wonderful Christmas I hope you did too!

I guess I will share some Christmas Photos today

My grandkids Morgan now 19 years old! and Rylan 6.
Mom with my two kids, Shane and Kirsten and my two grandkids here great grands and Kirsten's step grandkids.
~Mom and me~
All of us, missing is my daughter in law, my son and her are not together anymore.
My sweetie and me. 

During the past months mom of course as I mentioned my mom broker her hip and elbow. I know have to shower her and take her everywhere she needs to go, that includes Dr appts and to visit her husband in the home. I am cutting way back on some of her errands as it has become overwhelming to me. Organization is key.

Steve is back to work after his surgery for the full knee replacement. He went back a few days after Thanksgiving. He seems to be doing ok, but is in pain some. He has a Doctor appt coming up. It is said it takes a long while to heal. 

In October Steve and I took a camping trip to Idaho and Montana
We are looking for a place to move out of California. 

Have a Happy New Year!
God Bless You this New Year of 2018!


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August 1, 2017 Hot Summer Days! Husbands Knee Recovery, Moms Fractured Hip Surgery Recovery, Hen House Pillow, Lori Holt Millie's Dresses Quilt

Two weeks ago was my husbands knee replacement surgery, 2 weeks ago on Monday. It's been a difficult few weeks full of pain, nausea from pain medication. He is getting home therapy sessions and a nurse comes once a week. He had his staples removed last Friday.
It's a major surgery and wow I really feel for him.
Mom had her major surgery on her hip and elbow on May 7th after her fall on May 5th. She is using a cane, the four prong type with the rubber sleeves. 
Steve is using a walker. Our home looks like a care facility right now. Sorry no more patients please! 
In the meantime I do a lot of errands and running around some days picking up medication, shopping for groceries and things they both need or ask for, cook, clean, laundry, take mom to therapy and Doctor appointments, Steve too.
I also have a veggie garden and 2 pets. I am a busy girl. 
I too have a few medical issues myself so I tend to get quite tired. Sometimes it is more stressful than others and some days seem to go quite smoothly. Mom cannot shower or bathe herself so I have to help her with that. Steve is doing ok in that area. Mom needs a lot of help in many things but she also is not trying to do things she should and could do. This makes it hard on me and I don't like to see her be so lazy. She does not want to get up and move.
 I don't think she is progressing as well as they said she should. I don't know what that means really, she is 84 years old. 
Steve had the knee replacement surgery because of arthritis in the knee, he stands all day at work when he was at work and it finally has taken it's toll on him. He will be returning to work sometime in October or early November.

So on to the things that bring me much joy and the time I now cherish.

Tomorrow August 2, is my daughter Kirsten's birthday, I made this quilt for her by Lori Holt, Millie's Dresses Quilt. I just finished quilting the top of it 2 weeks ago. I finished piecing and sewing it together in April.
This is the back of Kirsten's Quilt with my Chihuahua Edee showing it off for me!
I made this darling quilt top for a pillow, the pattern is by Edyta Sitar, It's going to be a mini quilt I plan on hanging on our kitchen wall by the table.
These are two patterns by Edyta Sitar, the basket one is from her new book "Little Handful of Scraps". The Hen House Pillow is a single pattern.
You can find these pattern and books at her website Laundry Basket Quilts Hen House Quilt, Basket Quilt.
Every since we bought our trailer I love decorating it, the living room I love the bear theme, that started after we went to Washington State and we bought a cozy bear blanket. I made these two embroidery hoop art bears to hang in our trailer over the couch. This is not the wall of trailer that they are hanging on. The papa bear is really big 20" long oval hoop.
It was my granddaughter's birthday, she graduated last year and is now working and starts school for Vet Tech in September. I bought her that cute purse and put some money in there for her. Looks like she likes the purse, she immediately started putting her things in it. Happy Birthday Morgan!
My grandson Rylan is now doing Karate and he loves it. As you can see he has the moves! such a cutie pie.

My garden is about to burst with tomatoes and I just harvested a few cucumbers. I am growing peppers, bell peppers, cucumbers, yellow and green and several tomato plants, one is a roma tomato plant.
It's growing like a weed and is even larger today, this photo was taken last week.
The bee is working hard pollenating my garden
It was our 29th Anniversary on July 9, where did the time go! I love this man.
I'm really into dresses this year. I am getting fat, it's been so stressful these past months I think I've gained at least 7 lbs, time to get back on 21 day diet, it was so healthy and I lost 10 lbs when I did it a few years ago, now I have gained most of the weight back. Boo. So sad about that all my hard work.
Cucumber, Onions and Vinegar with Olive Oil Salad. Ymm!

Have a very Happy August! God Bless and Hugs

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July 2017

Happy Independence Day to All who Visit my Blog!

It's wonderful time in our nations history to celebrate our freedoms! Never stop! God Bless America!

Where freedom is, there is my nation. — Benjamin Franklin

Another Glamping Trip!

My husband took me to Reno last week to see the quilt show in Reno
Quilt Show Reno

There was a beautiful display of Lion King Quilts that were entered into the Lion King Quilt Challenge

I am posting a few photos of the ones on display at the quilt show

There were so many beautiful and creative Lions, the one that won was a bit shocking to all the guest of the quilt show and to myself. My favorite is the one on the bottom right, the winner is the one at the bottom left. 
I guess it's interesting, but it barely looks like a lion.

While on our trip to Reno we drove to Lake Tahoe Ca and left the trailer parked in Reno, we went just for the day. We were married at Lake Tahoe 29 years ago on July 9th.

This is at Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe a very super special and beautiful photo spot. It's probably the most popular spot to take photos of yourself and Love and family and friends.

This is a small quilt wall hanging, I have not quilted the top yet. It looks a lot better in person. I used a pattern from Edyta Sitar's new book. I am doing a lot of Edyta Sitar's designs right now.

Mom looks great she is home now. I am her caretaker and it's a lot of work! she has a long way to go to getting better. It's hard for her to walk and get around. This was her first day out holding the bear I bought for my trailer.
We were on our way to Doctor appointments when we stopped for lunch.

Cute sign

I made two of these little mug rugs for the 4th of July. Super cute and fun to make. I used Edyta Sitar's Speciality Set, Serendipity.

Have a Happy Safe 4th of July! Happy Birthday America!


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

It's Summer! Summer Fun! June 2017

Hello Friends,

I have not been around to post in my blog.
Mom fell on May 5th and broke her hip and elbow in two places. She has been in a care home getting therapy. She had two surgeries before going to the care home. She may be coming home next week but I am not sure yet. She still cannot do a lot of things, so I am very concerned at this point what I may have to do. I have to think of a plan B. It would be temporary whatever that plan is. I think she is getting much better than she was, but I do think she needs to get in bed, out of bed and take herself to the bathroom before she can come home. 

I thought I would show off my grandkids today. Summer began officially yesterday!
I really cannot believe it.

This is Rylan First Day of School and Last Day of School

Morgan sitting in the our trailer as we get ready for another camping trip. Morgan graduated last year and has been working and will be starting a Vet Tech trade school this fall.

Just a few weeks ago we went to Cassini Ranch, that is at the Russian River here in California. Yes the Russian River. Who is sick of hearing about the Russians... raise your hands. But this was a beautiful place to go camping and we had a great time.
It is along the CA HWY coast Northern CA.
This is me standing at the top of the mountain on HWY 1 on our way to Fort Ross

It was the best campground we've been to except in Brooking Oregon, that one was pretty great as well.

This is what part of the campground looks like, so peaceful. This is our trailer with Steve in the background.

After getting home from our trip I started on another quilt

Dresden Plate
These are Dresden Plate Quilt Blocks, the first of my new quilt that will go on our bed. For the longest time I have not been able to find a fabric or quilt block I wanted to use for our bed until this past week. I already had this fabric in my stash. It is a 2017 release from from Riley Blake, by  Cottage Mama, Lindsay Wilkes
Dainty Darlings is the name of this fabric collection
Isn't it so pretty? Almost Vintage looking to me, something my grandma might have.
I am going to put some vines and leaves in the quilt as well. It's all planned out in my head not on paper. This same fabric is what I used to make my wallpaper on my blog.
the blanket stitch around the circle is nice, but the bobbin thread came to the top for some reason in a few spots, I will have to take a needle and thread and go over the white thread that came up to the top of the circle and cover that white fabric up.

Table Runner Designed by Edyta Sitar
I made this super cute table runner designed by Edyta Sitar before we left for our last camping trip. It's already on the table. Need some little flowers in the vase.
Well I better get to visit mom and get ready for our camping trip to the Reno Quilt Show. It's so nice to take our trailer to stay in while going to the quilt show. Love it.

Happy Summer!