Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Happy Fall and Reno Still Going On Around Here

Hello Happy Fall! Last time I posted it was not quite fall yet. 
It is still hot here, next week perhaps the weather will cool down. Today 95 degrees, but it cools to the 50's at night, thankfully we have that right now.
We are stuck in the middle of our Renovations. The floor started getting laid but there was a problem and the floor installer stopped right at the front door to talk to my Pop. He has not been back since, we are waiting for the company we bought the Bamboo from to see if they will replace any boards that split. The installer says they are splitting at the ends when cut. So two weeks later I am still waiting for the floors to be installed. Possibly he will return this Thursday, we will see. I have brand new windows sitting out by each window waiting to be installed. I love pop but I am getting frustrated. My husband likes the money he saves us, but gees I am gonna get cranky pretty soon.

The antique bamboo floors partly installed. 

 I just did simple rectangles so the cat design would show through, I did a search on the Internet for other quilts made with this fabric but you can't see the beautiful design..So sad. The design is called Cat Nap by Lizzy House, and 

I am been all over the place with my crafting, doing everything from my jewelry and sun catchers to quilts and table runners. 
Here is my kitty quilt all done, I must say I love this so.

This fabric is called Tula Pink Moon Shine

Here is my newest quilt I just started. After that I will be finishing my fall leaf table runner and making several Christmas table runners for Christmas gifts. Can you believe it is time to think of Christmas. I have not been in the mood for the fall table runner since my house is in a disarray. I can hardly move in my craft room, the large room with the fireplace wall down is a disaster, and in my kitchen is a curio cabinet. Everything emptied. How frustrating!

I just realized I never showed a photo of my finished Sailboat Quilt

This photo was taken of the quilt before the fireplace wall came down.

I have decided to try to find someplace to walk around here as to hopefully get my leg to feeling better. Finally my hands and arms are healing some. It's been six months since the move. Hard to believe. The house will like brand new soon!

Have a wonderful Tuesday! God Bless ~Kat

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Getting Ready for Fall and Demo, Down Comes to Wall

Hello All!

Is everyone ready for fall? I know I am however fall is not really fall in California, at least not to much at my house. It will be fall here in November. 
But I made a mini quilted wall hanging for fall. 

I got the pattern for this from the Fall Quilts and More 2014 Magazine.

Come on in!

I had a bit of a diversion from the fall leaf table runner to make this little fall quilt hanging. I normally can quilt faster than I am but life is a bit crazy with the renovations and the move. I just cannot get my groove back right now. One thing is pain from carpel tunnel and sciatica and sometimes a bit of depression. It has been a huge transition for me and my carpel tunnel is just barely healing, my sciatica needs to be tended to, I don't see it get any better. I don't look forward to whatever will have to be done about that.

I have all four leafs done for the table runner just need to sew the pieces together squares together.

The wall came down! if you have been reading my blog I am happy to report that we had the wall removed about one week ago. Now we are waiting to put in the new wood floors, they are going to be putting down bamboo antique wood floors. Today the wood is being delivered and then it has to acclimate to the temperature inside our home. Then the next week on Wednesday they will start laying the flooring.
Believe me I wish we had this done before we moved in. We had laminate wood laid and we hate it so much. Of course it was thrashed because no one even laid anything over it during the demo of this house. But even still I hate it.

Below I posted the photos of the demo

last photo below with the fireplace wall gone!!! done and done!

I will be so happy after next week is over and the new floors are in and we are done with all projects for the inside of the house.

Today I had to take my sweetie Edee to have a tooth removed and teeth cleaning at the vet. That bill is predicted to be $545.00. Yesterday I had to take both Edee and Effie for shots and heart worm test, meds and pain meds for Edee because of her chipped tooth with exposed nerve and that bill was $408.00.
Dosen't it always seem like it's something? I have tried to keep the credit card paid off and then there is always another thing to put on it. I would love to live a cash only lifestyle. But I am the type of person who does not like taking money from our savings to pay for every expense that comes up. And right now we have a lot of them.
Oh I just got a call from the vet and Edee is fine and will get to come home after 3 today. Wew.. I was feeling so stressed about her being at the vet instead of with me.
She has to have anesthesia, I just worry when that is done to pets or people.

Well I am off to relax for a bit just feeling a bit blue today. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy Last Day of August!

Tomorrow is September, one of my favorite months of the year....because I know fall is coming and summer is on it's way out. Although it never seems like fall here until late October early November.

Beautiful summer sky photo from the other night. It was really muggy that day and hardly no sun which is very unusual here. We need rain so bad and all we are getting is earthquakes. The large earthquake that happened is about 1 1/2 hours from here.

We are still working on the house!
We finally had to hire a painter because of the dormer and the super high peaks on the side of the house. I do not want Steve up there that high or trying to paint the dormer. So we had to wait until we got enough money together to get the house completely painted. If you remember he did around the door trim and areas he could do, or areas I let him do. LOL!

The rest of the things we are working on is getting new windows, I can hardly open any of these windows in the house. The house is 25 years old.
We will get them probably within the next few weeks, then my FIL is taking this fireplace wall down, see photo below, that separates the living room from the family room, I can hardly fit 4 people in one room, very hard to entertain your family in that area. Hate it so much.
So down it goes, fireplace and all. It's cute but not practical.
I can't believe the holidays will be here soon, so getting that wall down is going to make my life easier.
I just got my yearly tradition magazine Holiday Crafts. Can't wait to make a few things from it.

  I just pulled out all the fabric selections for this Fall Maple Leaf pattern table runner yesterday. I also want to make a fall door hanger. We will see how far I get. In one years time even with the move I have made 8 quilts or so. I have done practically zero scrapbooking since working on the quilts and moving. The move set me back on my crafting 5 months. So only since June really have I been able to craft, maybe late May. I can't remember when I started the sail boat quilt.
Isn't that an adorable table runner?

I think my hand is healing and arm from the carpel tunnel, but I have to do nothing, that is hard. It still hurts quite a lot though. The sciatica is always there. Boo, but I manage ok. Thank God!

Have a Happy Last Day of August! Be Blessed ~Kat