Friday, December 2, 2016

Happy December 2016

I can't believe the year is nearly over!
I have not been around to visit my blogging buds. So sorry about that. I have been so busy redoing my online Shop It's taken so much time and work. I love it though, it is looking good. 

I finished some wonderful quilts and I am so excited for the next quilt on my list. 

Here are the 3 I have finished since the summer.

1. Cat Quilt
2. Lori Holt's Sew A-long Cozy Christmas Quilt
3. USA Flag Quilt

I just made some darling lace snowflake earrings on my embroidery machine! love the lace I can make.
I made them in all the colors you see, plus I made some more colors today.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy Fall 2016

Happy Fall!

As everyone who knows me, knows I love taking photos of our life. It's a dairy to me.

I guess this is the year of NOT Blogging.

I'm going to post my website. This is one of the reasons I am missing from my blog this year is that I have designed and made 3 new websites.

I am going to post my websites. 

KrystalKat's is where I post my Jewelry and Suncatchers for Sale I've already had that one and it needed an update after the old shop stopped working after the Host company upgraded. That was so upsetting to me to lose all that work. I have been working so hard to get things up and running with a different host company and I am finally getting everything back online.
Visit my at

My new websites are 
This is the website where I show off all the things I make and sell on Etsy and links to my Etsy Shop KrystalKatsMoonBeams.

The last website I am working on is my personal website and is called WhiteandCarter.spaceWhite and Carter

Here is part of what my year is all about and why I am so busy as well.

We bought a new trailer and camp a lot. I quilt a lot and make my jewelry and sun catchers a lot!
I am a perpetual crafter of many crafts, but mainly quilting, sewing and jewelry.

My husband made me more shelfs. Awesome!

I have to many sewing machines, one is a BabyLock Unity that I am selling. I have it for sale on Craigslist.  I'm trying to sell on Letgo as well. I've never used that before.
I have upgraded my sewing embroidery machine to Ellisimo Gold 11
I must sell the Unity BabyLock.

Slide-out and also Camping at FortBragg CA

Some photos of our new trailer much larger a 25' trailer, the trailer has it's own private bedroom. Love it. When we bought the trailer we had to also buy a truck to  pull it. This was one reason we had the tiny trailer. But we broke to our desires and now we have what we always wanted.
Out door kitchen that folds out at the end of the trailer

The private bedroom

Nice Big Table!


Another feature I love is the fact it has a couch in a living room area with a big screen tv! it really is clamping, glamping however you want to say it. 

I better get back to work making sun catchers this Monday morning. 

Happy Fall and Come Visit me at one of Websites!

Blessings ~Kat


Monday, July 4, 2016

My 5 Months of Not Blogging

Hello Sweet Friends
How have you all been?

I have been busy this year and took a bit of break from blogging, my blog suddenly went down and was no longer hooked up to my domain. It took me a few weeks to figure out what went wrong! it's fixed now.I've probably been deleted from everyones blog list, since my site went missing.
My daughter Kirsten went to The Painted Cork with my on my birthday to paint the Funky Sacramento Painting, it was a lot of fun!

My husband went with me to do the Rainbow Bridge in Folsom California, it was also taught at the Painted Cork.

I finished my Bloom Quilt on the first day of Spring

I feel very proud of it, it's perfect for what I wanted for an update to some cheer on a blah couch.

I had fun making door banners. One I brought to Washington State as a gift for my brother and sister in law.

I had to purchase a Juki sewing machine to quilt my quilts, the embroidery machine was just not doing it. It was frustrating. Disappointed I had to spend more money on another sewing machine! I just use the Juki for quilting. I made a lot of things with my embroidery machine this year, above a few mug rugs. What fun those were to make!

I finished my cat quilt

I started month embroidery by Adornit, Calendar Girls. So cute!

We took a camping trip to Oregon and Washington State

We went to Crater Lake in Oregon on our camping trip

we went to Mt Rainier National Park in Washington State

My brother and I at his property in Washington, this is my big little brother. The youngest of us kids. I have another brother who is the oldest and no sisters.
Me at Mt. Rainier with a fan I borrowed from two Oriental girls. Nice prop.

Found a few covered bridges in Oregon on the way home!
at the most important point of the year is that Morgan graduated from High School!

That is some of my year so far. It's been a good and crazy year all at the same time as years are. Good mixed with bad. But we serve an Awesome God don't we? why yes we do.....

Happy Independence Day! ~Kat

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. ~Ronald Reagan