Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother's Day 2019!

Happy Mother's Day!
Love is Patient, Love is Kind
1 Corinthians 13:4

Gourds I grew in my garden last year and harvested them in September or October. It takes 6 months for them to dry out. My husband just cleaned the mold off them today. Should have taken a before photo. They sure looked gross!
Now I get to get them ready for making a bird house.
I was looking through my favorite books the other day and ran across a Gooseberry book I have and they had a idea for making bird houses. Posted on their website is some of what they show in the book, but a different photo on their website. Nice to see some cute ideas. I had no idea how I was going to do this. I am so excited to make the birdhouses. 

Check out the Gooseberry website for some ideas.

I have been making some cards again and messing around with watercolor. I really love the water coloring using the dies and stamps. So much fun!
I made my mom this card.
Butterfly Card for Mom

Mom is 86 years old now! just amazing. I pray to God I have her good genes.

I used the Floating Butterfly Frame by Memory Box. This was a very expensive die.

I have a lot of expensive ones. I buy them here and there.

Here is another watercolor I made using the stamp from Penny Black.

It turned out cute. I had to go back in and add some more color to the edges of the card. I am not really into the grunge look. I was just messing around. Next time I want the edges a lot more bright or maybe no edge water painting for the clean look.

I'm working on a table runner I got the pattern from Lori Holt, it's called "Yes You Can"

I can't wait to get it finished. I am doing it so slowly. I've only made one quilt this year, which is crazy. Last year I made like 8 or 10. Tons of table toppers I sold on Etsy and a ton of other things. I am mostly doing a lot of embroidery on my embroidery machine. Mostly free standing. I made quite a few free standing Lace (FSL) Dreamcatchers, they are just so dreamy. I posted them for sale on my Etsy site because I made so many. I also am learning to make them the regular way. Pretty easy. I made one for Rylan my grandson.

I'll post a link to the ones I made and for sale on Etsy later. Right now I have my shop on vacation mode, we are going clamping.

I don't think it's exactly correct, but it's ok for the first try.

Have a Dreamy Blessed Mother's Day!

Monday, April 22, 2019

Spring 2019, Easter Blessings

Hello All,

I am really just now blogging to myself for memories. I can't seem too blog anymore, it's just not that important to me. But yet I love my blog and love to blog.

I have a finished quilt here. 

I Love This Quilt!

I finished the Oxford Quilt on February 4th.

I talked on my last post about posting my new sewing machine. It's just a sweet little embroidery machine by baby lock. I love it. So now I have two baby locks. Last year I gave away my older sewing machine that was not an embroidery machine to the victims of the Camp Fire here up north.
I have not done a lot of sewing this year, but instead I have done a lot of Free Standing Lace (FSL) which is done on the embroidery machine. It's a lace that is stitched out on the embroidery machine to make all kinds of things, like snowflakes, bowls, Dreamcatchers, jewelry and so much more. I also made some bookmarks on some really nice vinyl. I stitched out a bookmark with Rylan's name for him to keep place in his children's bible I bought him. Turned out really cute.

Oxford Quilt by Sweetwater Quilts. Finished on January 24, 2019

Valentine's Day in Carmel 

Spring has sprung

A day the rain stopped. Took a walk in the woods.

Rainy day walk in the woods to see Hidden Falls. It was actually a hike.

We made it into see the falls with a mist of rain and light rain the entire time, until we were on our way out of course! LOL!

Do you have waterfalls near your home? if so be sure to get out in nature and enjoy Gods beauty. Inspiring, breathtaking views. Not to brag, but NorCal has a lot more outdoor things to do in my opinion. So what SoCal has Disneyland and Hollywood and some really nice sandy beaches. Our beaches are a bit more rugged, but still very beautiful. We also have a lot more conservative people. It would be nice to split this state up and we have all the signatures to do so. 

Afterwards we deserved a delicious lunch at Ikeda's in Auburn CA. The best little place to have some delicious lunch. 

Hope your Easter was wonderful. 
Have a wonderful day! God Bless