Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Krystal Kat's Rainbow Suncatchers Give-A-Way


Krystal Kat's is hosting a Give-A-Way, it's all you have to do is have a Facebook account and follow me on Facebook.
Once you're following me comment under this photo on Facebook that you want to be entered in the contest and that's it, you're entered. Good Luck!


The winner of the contest will be announced on Krystal Kat's Facebook page on Dec 23, 2010.

 Merry Christmas!

Winner Announced on My Facebook Page.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More Beaded Angel Book-Thongs with Crystals and Stars

Here is a few more beaded Angel book-thongs that I made today. They both have beautiful seed bead in blues on one with a soft blue teardrop Swarovski Crystal Pearl and a crystal blue star, on the other is gorgeous pink hue seed beads with Swarovski Crystals and a soft pink teardrop Swarovski Crystal and a crystal star bead at the other end.

Click here to see where you can purchase this book-thong and read more about it.

They are both one of a kind book-thongs which means I won't make them exactly like these again. 

Where to find Krystal Kat's Jewelry and Crystal Suncatchers? Click here

Beaded Angel Bookthongs @ Krystal Kat's

Happy December! it's freezing here. brrrrrrrrr

I had to go out to my garden and pull out all the soggy frozen annuals that froze and died. We had such an early freeze this year.

I just added two new beaded book-thongs to Krystal Kat's  

Here is a pretty Angel Mauve Beaded Book Thong.

Here is the other one I made find it here.

They are both one of kind beaded book-thongs.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Purple Flower Pear Shaped/Teardrop Necklace & Earrings Set

Darling Purple Flower Pear Shaped/Teardrop Necklace and Earrings Set, one of a kind........treat yourself to something special you deserve it!.....made with Czech purple pear flower drops for the earrings and necklace, I also used AB seed beads and Fuchsia AB Czech crystal beads. The front drop of the necklace and earrings are made with a silver beadcap, sterling silver flower bead and ball headpin with another Fuchsia AB crystal bead and purple flower pear shaped drop. The ear-wires are Silver Brass Plated Teardrop hoops. 
The back of the necklace is finished off with a sweet silver flower clasp. The necklace is 18" long with the drop in the front. 

I am happy to switch any of earwires for you, Leverback or French Wire.
The earrings are 2" long and come in a Drawstring Bag perfect for gift giving.

You'll absolutely Love Love Love this necklace set! It's like wearing a botanical garden on your ears and neck and this will be perfect addition to your wardrobe. 

This is really pretty, I love the colors and look. Come check it out!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lily of the Valley Brass Botanical Bracelet with Chinese Turquoise Beads -Vintage Inspired

Darling bracelet for anytime of the year........treat yourself to something special you deserve it!.....made brass lily of the valley decorative metal piece, Chinese round Turquoise and roundel undefined (Mystery) beads, some kind of stone, not sure what....but they are really pretty and look nice with the Chinese Turquoise beads. 
I used gold headpins to make the chain on this so it's a mix of brass and gold which really makes it pop with a vintage look. A lobster claw in brass is attched and the bracelet is made to fit size 7 1/4" to 7 1/2", but will go into the last loop at 8". A tiny Czech golden yellow flower is attached on the front of the brass Lily of the Valley metal piece. 

Sweet Botanical Bracelet - with Vintage Inspiration and the bracelet is very lightweight and easy to wear. 

Fantastic gift idea! the bracelet comes in a drawstring bag. 


Christmas Earrings

Looking for cute holiday earrings? silver and gold............come check out my selection of handmade Crystal Christmas Earrings, Christmas Lucite Flower Earrings, Crystal Christmas Tree Earrings and Snowman Earrings.

Christmas Red Earrings Shown Above with Flower.

Follow the link above over to my website KrystalKats.com for cute Christmas earrings!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Beaded Snowflake's

I made these a few years ago exclusively with Swarovski Crystal beads, the results stunning, but expensive.  So this year I made it with Czech Beads and some Swarovski Crystals. Both these snowflakes have little angels on them. What do you think? are they cute. They are approx 6" x 6". A ribbon is tied to the top so you can hang them wherever you would like.

I will have these posted to Krystal Kat's this week for purchase. Hope you like them?

Have a great week! ~Kat

Friday, October 29, 2010

Wild Heart Crystal Suncatchers

Swarovski Crystal has a beautiful new heart the Wild Hearts, they are really pretty and come in a lot of different colors but I like the big ones.  

I bought a few to try out, the Crystal AB and the Wild Heart Red Magma 37mm size. I made several suncatchers with them.

This is a new heart from Swarovski-wild heart features an elongated shape and asymmetric faceting. The nostalgic faceting offers a nostalgic mood and modern twist to vintage look. Hearts are the symbol of eternal love. These make gorgeous window or car crystal suncatchers.

This is pretty beautiful, I love the shape of these hearts...........This is a wild heart red magma   rainbow suncatcher.

Here is a Crystal AB Wild Heart Suncatcher below.

Wild Heart Rainbow Suncatcher

What great gifts for the holidays!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Dolphin and Seahorse Lampwork & Crystal Suncatchers

It was a really windy and rainy day today in Northern California, so I am thinking.....about the sea. I made several new suncatchers, Dolphin and Seahorse Suncatchers.

I will post a few photos of them and then you can click on this link to see them all. Each one is different from the next they are uniquely made.

This is one of the dolphin ones.....to see more go to this link.

To see the other seahorse styles go to this link. 

I have three seahorse suncatchers and four dolphin suncatchers. They are made with Glass Beads, Swarovski Crystal Beads, Czech Beads or Cat's Eye Beads Grade A. But like I said each one is different so each one  has different types of beads. The one at the top, the dolphin has cute shell beads and Cat's Eye Beads with Swarovski Crystals and other beads. The Seahorse shown here above is made with a mix of Lampwork and Glass Beads and Swarovski Crystals.

You can check out all my suncatchers at Krystalkats.com

Stop in won't you!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Happy Beading! Christmas Lucite Flower Earrings & Salvation Bracelets

Well it's been such a busy month working on the house and reading lots of magazines. Suddenly I have been interested in renewing a craft that I put on the back burner for awhile crochet. So even though it's like riding a bike you never forget how to do it, I just have a bit of difficulty following some patterns, but that is because I am trying to make difficult things!
I did make another crocheted Beaded necklace for Christmas but I have not added beads to it yet.
I have been doing some Christmas beading and I also remade the Salvation Bracelet style that I had into a new cuter style made with Swarovski Crystals, Cat's Eye Beads, Pearls and Black Onyx. I think it turned out really pretty. What do you think?
I really like this style much better then the old one I had up online so I took the old one down and replaced it with this one. I also re-made the little girls gems Salvation Bracelet to match this adult size. So mother and daughter Salvation Bracelets.
Here is the link to both the adult size and child size bracelets.    

So here are some Christmas earrings and one fall earring or anytime of the year earring actually. I just love the brown with the cute pinkish tone bead, that turned out so cute! I love all the Christmas Lucite Lily Earrings I made too. 
These are not posted to my website yet but they should make it to my site within the next few days. 
Cute brown Lily Lucite earrings in copper with pinkish brown bead.

Here are some cute Christmas Daisy Earrings or anytime of the year. Look the beadcaps on the top look like snowflakes. 

Red Lucite Flowers with Green and Silver beads.

Green Lucite Flowers with darling red beads and at the bottom another red flower......so cute!

Some pretty blue Lucite Daisy earrings for anytime of the year.

You can find all my Lucite Flower earrings and my Vintage Lucite Flower Earrings at 

If you want to know what's new be sure to check out the What's New Link at Krystal Kat's.  


I leave you with this darling Bouget of Swarovski Crystal studded headpins. 

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Suncatchers and Jewelry From Krystal Kat's!

Do you have your pumpkins yet? I know it's hot in California still, but soon it will be chilly and we will all be thinking of apples and pumpkins and pies & family and then the holidays!

I wanted to share with you some fall things I have posted on my Krystal Kat's online shop and newly listed Lucite Flower Earrings, Pumpkin Earrings, Pinecone Earrings and other jewelry. 

First off I will start with my Fall suncatchers a beautiful golden leaf suncatcher in fall colors.


The link to more about this suncatcher is above.

How about a beautiful fall colored cross suncatcher. A fun way to decorate for fall in your car or home either with the leaf or cross.

 Here is a darling pair of Czech Glass Pumpkin Earrings so cute1

Here is a sweet pair of Lily Flower Lucite & Crystal Earrings

Another sweet pair of Lucite Lily earrings in Orange and Black with gold I also have it available in silver please check out my fall & Halloween earrings page. 

I have more earrings on my site for Fall & Halloween that are not shown here.

Pumpkin Glass Earrings are so cute with the leaf beadcaps.

The last thing I want to post is a cute bracelet for fall made with Swarovski Crystals and a cute sterling silver pumpkin charm.

I tried to put everything into a special category at my shop called Fall and Halloween Jewelry, hopefully I got everything into there, but be sure to check in other categories as well for fall and Halloween or leaf style jewelry.  

This is the link above to the Fall & Halloween category.

Here is another category called Fall Leaf

Funky Leaf Bracelets is another cateogory that you should not miss out on, not the traditional fall colors but still great fall jewelry wear for the gal who does not wear fall colors, these bracelets can also be worn in the spring or summer.

So cute skull earrings with lilac flowers and crystals, be sure to check out my black pair as well.

Well there is a small sampling of Fall and Halloween Jewelry

Have a great day! ~Kat


Vintage Look Crocheted Beaded Necklace with Wine Red Dahlia Flower

This is a unique one of kind crocheted Vintage Look Beaded Necklace with Wine Red Dahlia Flower.

Timeless sweet and elegant.

Made with yarn and crocheted into a one of kind unique necklace. Materials used are crochet yarn in cream and gold and cream, gold chain, Czech flower beads in various colors, round Czech Fire Polished Gemstone Donuts, Swarovski Crystals, gold headpins, Wine Plastic Dahlia Flower, gold decorative scalloped edge stamping.

I am able to make custom earrings for you if you're interested.

The flower on stampling is 1/2" in size.

The necklace is 19" approx. The necklace ends in a gold lobster claw.

Your necklace comes in a drawstring bag, perfect for gift giving or for safe keeping.

If you would like to see another photo of the necklace on a mannequin click the link.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lovely Lavender Lady Bracelet and Earrings & Crochet Flower Cloche & Sugar Skull Purse

What has Kat been crafting up now! gorgeous Lovely Lavender Lady Bracelet and Earrings made with Czech Glass Beads, Lucite Flowers and Swarovski Crystals!

Lavender Lady Bracelet and Earrings Set 

The earrings are made with Lucite daisy's and gold beadcaps and shell designed leverbacks with Czech beads in milky lavender and crystal violet.

This set is sold! but I will be making more soon so stay tuned. If you're interested in this set for yourself, well something similar actually because no two are exactly alike please contact me.

I have been a busy bee, stitching on my sewing machine and crocheting as well. First I made this cute Alexander Henry Handbag using Mini Calaveras fabric in black, I attached a Pearl Green Lucite Flower Rose to the flap. So cute!

And just before I made the handbag I made this adorable Crochet Flower Cloche. I am in love with it. It's made with two strands of green yarn adorned with sequence. The flower is made with both green and purple sequence adorned yarn. It's especially warm and looks very old fashioned for sure.

I found this adorable cloche design at Crochet Today's Magazine. 

Please find me and my pretties at www.krystalkats.com or 

It's fall and time to start thinking about the upcoming holidays!