Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Way Retro Cool Lucite Flower Earrings @ Krystalkats.com

I recently moved my blog to the main index page (www.shinymoonbeams.com) of my blog from this address www.shinymoonbeams.com/wordpress/ please update your favorites, this page no longer exist.

I thought I would add a bit more information about the Lucite flower earrings I have for sale on my website www.krystalkats.com.
I wanted to add a link to my Flickr page where I have uploaded all the earrings I have made so you can kind of get a quick snapshot of what they look like without me having to post them all in one post.
Go ahead and click on this link, Lucite Flower Earrings.

Here is a photo of what the earrings look like on. They are very lightweight and I have made them in all kinds of colors. I sell them in gold ear findings, silver or copper. 

I love these earring so much I have made them for myself and I have a black pair, orange pair and green pair. I need to make myself a pink pair and a violet pair. 

For purchasing the earrings you can go directly to this link.  

I almost always have a sale going on with my earrings, buy one pair and get the second pair of earrings equal or lesser value half off. This is for any earrings on my website, not just for the Lucite Flower Earrings.
Click here to see all the earrings I have for sale.



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