Friday, October 29, 2010

Wild Heart Crystal Suncatchers

Swarovski Crystal has a beautiful new heart the Wild Hearts, they are really pretty and come in a lot of different colors but I like the big ones.  

I bought a few to try out, the Crystal AB and the Wild Heart Red Magma 37mm size. I made several suncatchers with them.

This is a new heart from Swarovski-wild heart features an elongated shape and asymmetric faceting. The nostalgic faceting offers a nostalgic mood and modern twist to vintage look. Hearts are the symbol of eternal love. These make gorgeous window or car crystal suncatchers.

This is pretty beautiful, I love the shape of these hearts...........This is a wild heart red magma   rainbow suncatcher.

Here is a Crystal AB Wild Heart Suncatcher below.

Wild Heart Rainbow Suncatcher

What great gifts for the holidays!


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