Thursday, January 20, 2011

Five More Victorian Era Bird Art Resin Bracelets

Yes I have been busy this week making resin bracelets and jewelry can you tell? I also made 5 pairs of earrings today and yesterday two Gold Victorian Era Bird Art Resin Necklaces which can be found here. Silver ones should be forth coming in a few days.

Tomorrow we are going to go to Chico California to photograph the Honey Run Bridge with our new Nikon D3100 Camera. Saturday we are going to Old Sacramento with our best friends to watch the Suspects Murder Mystery Dinner. The history of the Delta King which is where the dinner is on the Sacramento River has some very interesting history.

During my business today I lost a darling round diamond set in a round bezel it was white gold. I cannot find it anywhere. So sad. Once I lost a diamond earring and my cat found it for me about 1 week later. I hope she can do that again for me.  Although I have searched for it quite thoroughly.

Here are the finished 5 bracelets one I have already posted about a few days ago and can be found here.

Follow this link to where to find these bracelets.  Have a gorgeous Friday!

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