Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Etsy Rainbow Crystal Suncatcher Treasury

I didn't get a note about my Treasuries, I would like to get a notice about when I am in a Treasury so I can thank the person that made it. What if I should ever make the front page how would I even know. I am sure there is something to click on or some email setting to click, I will have to check that out.

I have received for Treasuries so far from my Etsy site, Yeah!

Here they are....
This Treasury is name Rainbow My Red Wild Heart Crystal Suncatcher was selected. You can also find this Wild Heart suncatcher at my website Krystal Kat's.

This next Treasury is called Prism

My Wild Heart Crystal AB Suncatcher was chosen. You can also find this wild heart suncatcher at my shop Krystal Kat's 

Here is another Treasury Simply Called Treasury 

My Huge Crystal 100mm Cone Suncatcher was chosen. You can Alternately find this crystal cone suncatcher at my Krystal Kat's Website. 

This Treasury is called Chandeliers, here is my suncatcher that was chosen a beautiful  Peridot Green Crystal Ball.

Find all my suncatchers at Krystal Kat's or visit my Etsy site for a sampling of what I have. 

Have a happy safe Halloween!

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