Friday, October 21, 2011

New Free Fall Desktop WallPaper & Jewelry for Sale

Look at these interesting gourds I found this week to decorate my kitchen for fall. I absolutely adore fall.

The other day I posted a photo of Candy Corn, today I made it into a desktop wallpaper for free download.
You can download it from that address. That is my Jewelry and Crystal Suncatcher Shop website.

I have several cute fall Jewelry for sale as well as Crystal Fall Suncatchers, check the Crystal Suncatchers out here.

Here is a gorgeous fall leaf 22" necklace that I have had in my collection for awhile and I don't think it ganders enough attention perhaps my old photo cannot depict the one of kind and gorgeous look, with Swarovski Crystal and beautiful seed beads. I love it! I have one also and where it often this time of year, looks great with so many things.

Well it's on sale this week.
A few other Fall Leaf Jewelry can be found here. 

Until Next Time Have a Great Weekend!


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