Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hand Stamped Jewelry-Snowman and Snowflakes, Sterling Star

I am still practicing my skills or none skills at hand stamping, I am great at stamping letters and numbers the decorative stamps are a challenge for me. I guess for now I better stick with a design from the book or online classes.

I had a heck of a time with the star that is not something a beginner should stamp on other then perhaps an initial. I am not sure I like the way this turned out, I will see what I am gong to do, after all it's sterling silver and a gift for my granddaughter Morgan.

Further more it's hard for me to photograph the hand stamped jewelry, it's so shiny and reflects so bad. I did find a link online on how to do it, but I don't have any of that equipment that the tutorial suggested. The chain is silver and looks dirty, but it's a brand new silver chain.

I did like the way the Snowman turned out with the snowflakes it's whimsical. I am practicing  on copper, but that metal is different then the metal I am stamping on, so that poses some problems for me. 

I really like this purple disk, the chain is silver but does not look like it in this photo. I think I will try to photograph the hand stamped jewelry on a sunny day outside, under my patio cover. I will put the necklace for sale in my shop once my photo turns out decent of it. Right now it's been raining since Thanksgiving day.

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