Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hand Stamped Jewelry

I just am learning to hand stamp jewelry and I am already addicted to it. I have a few samples of what I made.

The first thing I made today turned out the best, the silver angel wing with star. I put a baby face on it with baby feet prints and Rylan's name. I know this photo is awful I don't know how to photograph hand tamped Jewelry yet.  That is something I will have to read about.
The last two I did, didn't turn out as well because the copper dog bones were a softer metal.
I got the F's in Effie to close together and on the other one the metal was so soft I went right through it on the ends in some place. I guess next time I will tap lighter the hammer.
Oh well it was a good learning experience and I have been practicing on a piece of sheet metal. I would have used my good fonts but I was not sure how this would all look but next time I will pull out my good fonts, I am ready to get to work making hand stamped jewelry.

I have to put a hole in the top for the necklace to go through on the angel wing and solder the star to the wing and attach the star charm and then add the silver chain and I will give this to my daughter for Christmas. She will be very surprised, she does not know I am stamping yet!

Another craft LOL! I have been purchasing and collecting the supplies to create hand stamped jewelry and it adds up fast. I bought all the things I would need and I still want to add several more stamps to my growing collection.

The next step is going to be to master the skill and to learn to photograph these pretty shiny things.  

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