Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My New Silhouette Cameo Cutting Tool-SOOOO In LOVE!

How exciting! last week my new cameo arrived, I was so excited, but I couldn't get it to cut anything. I called them and I got a lady who tried to help but she was not able to solve my problem. She sent me a new blade.  I got the blade yesterday but I was to busy to try it out, so today I set to work and and wanted to cut a bird and a snowflake.
I put the blade in the Silhouette and nothing, no cuts at all. So I called them, I got a nice guy that was able to walk me through the steps and he discovered I had the blade upside down, so I cut again and nothing so he had me take the blade out and then asked me to see if it was pushed all the way down, It wasn't!
So I tried to cut the bird and snowflake again and yes it all worked! so if you're like me and putting the blade upside down in the Silhouette Cameo be sure to turn it around. I have to admit their directions are not all that great and thorough.
Here are some photos I took of my first cuts with the new Silhouette Cameo, it's going to be such a fun Holiday season with this new toy the possibilities of what I can make are endless!
Their blog is also very hard to find, you literally would not know it's there if you didn't just come across it or I believe there is a link in the software to it. Here is a link to the blog.
I wish I had some their starter sets, but I will get one later I guess. They have a vinyl, heat transfer, fabric ink and rhinestone sets.
So here is my photos of my new exciting Silhouette Cameo, oh the plans I have for you baby!

I am going to get started on a project Friday. I have some great ideas.

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