Thursday, November 3, 2011

Selling on Etsy or Not!?

It's really hard to get started selling on Etsy. Once you get established it looks like it could be a good thing. My jewelry does not sell well at Etsy there is way to much competition there and I do better selling my items directly from my website. I just started selling my crystal suncatchers there recently and though it is off to a slow start I am glad I started selling before the holidays because I think I will do well selling them there once I can get established.
My shops are listed to the left of this page in the sidebar or even better shop at my online store Krystal Kat's.

However I will not renew any jewelry to be sold on Etsy it's a waste of money to me to try and sell it there. I just wish there was a nice place to sell jewelry that was popular and cheaper. I guess that is asking to much, but I don't like the percentage fees from Etsy that takes a huge bite out of your profit after you factor in the Paypal fees and the 20 cent fee to list each item you sell (Try to Sell). That listing fee is cheap, but it's all the other factors that makes me NOT want to sell there.

You're basically in a sea of sellers selling the very same things or similar. Unless you have a super unique item it is going to be hard to sell there. One thing I notice is some gals sell there hand-made jewelry so cheap they cannot possibly make a profit, they are actually losing money and time. I think some people just get a high off selling their products there as they see their sales soar, but they don't take into account their time and cost to make sell and photograph their items along with the paypal fees. It all adds up and takes away from your profit if you have one at all. (not).          
I can see having a few items that are cheap like for instance $5.00 earrings, I tried that, and all that I could get anyone to buy was $5.00 earrings. LOL!

I have come to the very simple conclusion it is cheaper to set up a website and sell your jewelry from there you will have better success. For instance it's only $5.00 a month for me to have my domain hosted, plus the yearly fee for the domain about $11.00. If you can create your own shop using Cubecart like I did then it's going to be a lot cheaper to start your own website. I also made my own logo and much of the graphics I needed. I know everyone cannot do this, so perhaps it might be a good idea to find out where you can host your handmade goods for free before you go wasting a lot of money trying to sell on etsy like me!

Here are some other options of where you can sell your handmade crafts.
Made It Myself its free.
Art Fire This is a monthly fee, I don't personally care for Art Fire at all. Presently $11.99 per month they are constantly changing their policies which I hate about them.
eCrater  is free
Here is the shop I want to check out the Handmade Artists Shop. it's free to sell there completely and as many items as you want to list in your shop. It looks like a pretty decent shop.

There are many more but that is just a few.


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