Friday, November 11, 2011

Sizzix Vintaj Bigkick

Right when the Vintaj Bigkick was released I purchased it online. I have never owned one of these and the fact that I could emboss metal was really intriguing to me. I read up on it and had to have it.

I had never been interested in purchasing these machines before because I didn't want to buy the dies and I don't scrap that often if hardly at all, so it would be a waste of money for me.
I just buy the pre-made scrap decorations when I want to make a album. But now I also just purchased the Silhouette Cameo as well, but also not for scraping but to do other things.

When it was delivered I opened the box and started to put it together I wanted to try it out right away, but I didn't have any of the Vintaj metal blanks so I had to wait another week and then I got those in the mail. I knew it needed the Vintaj metal blanks but I was not sure what they were or where to get them. Once I found them I purchased some in different shapes and sizes.

When I opened the box I had a hard time finding the handle and and I almost called the company I purchased it from thinking it was forgotten to be added to the box, but then I took one more look in the box and found them hiding in there, so I took them out and put the handles onto the Vintaj machine and started to crank, but only I didn't have any blanks. Boo!
But I have some now, so I am very very happy.

What I got with my Vintaj Bigkick and what it does......
  • The Sizzix Vintaj BIGkick Machine cuts, embosses and etches many different designs, while customizing almost endless combinations of creations. Included with the BIGkick are a pair of Standard Cutting Pads and the Solo Platform & Shim
  • For use with Vintaj Natural Brass metal blanks (Vintaj Arte Metal is NOT recommended) and other malleable metals only.
  • This Kit includes the following:
    • One Sizzix BIGkick Die Machine - Vintaj Special Edition
    • DecoEtch - Fluttering Wings
    • DecoEtch - Botanical Flourish
    • DecoEtch - Forgotten Times
    • DecoEtch - Foliage
    • DecoEmboss - Butterfly Swirls
    • DecoEmboss - Deco Motif
    • DecoEmboss - Dragonfly Pond
    • DecoEmboss - Moonlit Night
    • DecoEmboss - Wildflower Vines
    • DecoEmboss - Woodland Birds
    • One Vintaj Metal Relief Block

Here I made a simple necklace with antique copper chain and a acorn bead charm. Very sweet.

These are the pieces that I made so far, I added some Glossy Accents and Alcohol Inks. But I am planning to go back over them with ink one more time.

I love this, it's going to be fun to design jewelry with this! 

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