Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Rainbow Crystal Suncatchers @ Krystal Kat's

Good Morning,
Did you know that crystal suncatchers are magical? just like Christmas is a magical time for many people and especially little children. Crystals reflect the mood of magic and create thousands of refractions. it's amazing to watch. These suncatchers make a great gift because it's a unique gift and they are very beautiful.    
I have made some new crystal rainbow suncatchers the past few days. A few under $20.00 and one just a tad bit more then $20.00 which makes them perfect stocking stuffers. 
These are all wild hearts, the violet and antique pink are new colors. The antique pink is size 27mm, and the other two are size 17mm. 

Violet Wild Heart, click here to go the page to view and purchase this crystal suncatcher

Here is the Antique Pink, this is a new color you can view and purchase it here.

 Here is a little size chart the difference between the large fat 37mm and the other sizes.  

Below I posted the newest crystal suncatchers @ Krystal Kat's.
Have a wonderful day!  
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