Monday, December 5, 2011

Redbird Collage Card

I was at Target last week and I noticed this book at the magazine rack, Home for Christmas 2011 by Gooseberry Patch. The magazine is $11.99, which is a lot cheaper then the Martha Stewart Christmas magazine that did not impress me at all. So I came home and looked at this and what a treat it has been to read this. I love all the craft ideas, it's a potpourri of this and that crafts. I think that is what impressed me always with Gooseberry. I also have the new Gooseberry Christmas 10th Anniversary book as well. More great craft ideas and recipes.

Gooseberry 2011 Christmas

Redbird Collage Card before I messed it up and made it look grunged. 

Inside the magazine was directions for a cute redbird collage card. I thought it was adorable and reminded me of my childhood when we would decoupage for Christmas.
I have many times since then also decoupaged many things. This is truly a fun craft. I can literally think of so many things to decoupage onto boxes, cards and so on. For instance you can use your old cute calendars up this way. That is actually a great idea. I buy calendars from Lang, so it's hard to throw them away. 

In any event this is how my card looked originally, it's so clean and Martha Stewart, but then I  messed it up a bit more like Tim Holtz would his art.

  My finished two cards. I will probably make a few more like this, it's easy to work quick when you make a few at a time. Next time I won't use the glossy ModgePodge though for the card, I would like a more matte finish. 

I used ModgePodge and Stickles for the eyes, Alcohol inks, ribbon, paper, Christmas decorated tissue paper, card stock,  scrapbook papers, embroidery floss, glue and a ounce of imagination. 
I liked the look of the embroidery at the top of the card with the bow that was a cute touch. 
I cut everything buy hand with scissors, but then I cheated and used a McGills Paper Punch for the leaves on one card. I didn't use my Silhouette Cameo on this card at all. This was truly handmade! 

Off to Joann's I go to get some Matte ModgePodge!

Have a great day!

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