Wednesday, January 11, 2012

At the Blue Note Necklace

Recently I was visiting the website and I found a cute necklace design by one of their artist called "At the Blue Note", I bought all the findings and beads to make it, I didn't want to change a thing about it, I love it just the way it is in the photo. The necklace went together in about 20 minutes only because I had a hard time getting my silver beads over the hand dyed silk, if that would have been easier I could have made it in half the time or less. The directions said to use two silver 7mm beads and I already had in my stash lots of 6mm sterling silver beads so I didn't purchase those, instead I used my 6mm sterling silver beads. I had to use a needle with thread to get them to go over the silk. I really like the silk ribbon the ends are all finished so you can have a nice sleek professional look at the end of your necklace. The hand dyed silk is pricey I wish I could get wholesale I am so in love with it.  I know I am going to enjoy wearing this cute necklace a lot because I don't have many blue tone necklaces that I have made for myself. 
I am really in love with the new bead caps that are popping up they are flatish with rounded ends, very pretty.  The necklace is made with sterling silver bead caps, silk dyed ribbon and lampwork beads.
This necklace anyone can make it's that easy and the results gorgeous.  

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