Monday, January 23, 2012

Sweet Crochet Owl Ornment - Very Colorful

Recently I was over to visit my online friends Liz's blog and found the cutest little crochet ornaments she made. She left a link to the pattern online at ATERGcrochet, I must say Great has the most adorable little patterns-so colorful. I purchased a few and make up one this weekend. I had a hard time understanding parts of the directions, but eventually I got through it and made one cute owl. I am sure it will go faster next time. I messrd up on the head a bit, but it's okay.
Greta lives in the Netherlands and she makes great sales on her darling patterns and I can see why. I am going to make a colorful heart next. 
The key to her cute patterns is you change colors for each row, it's kind of a pain but the results are extremely adorable. I have to go get some size 3 cotton thread because size 10 is to small and I don't have to many colors in size 3.  

No matter how much yarn I buy, I always seem to need more! A lot of the crochet I love to do is with the smaller threads anyway. I will probably have to purchase the crochet thread online because Joann's does not carry to many colors here in size 3 crochet thread.
Michaels barley has any of this crochet thread, It's such a pain. I want it now and I didn't want to pay shipping for yarn. 
I have even looked at Hobby Lobby but they have the smallest selection of yarn out of all three stores. I am not a huge fan of Hobby Lobby because they carry to many knick knacks and I would rather see more content in the actual craft supply department.
The Hobby Lobby near me just happens to be a small one, so that might be why. 
The one I visited in Texas in 1998 was huge! when my dad was alive I flew out to visit him with my daughter and he took us to his huge Lobby Lobby in San Antonio . My daughter Kirsten and I spent over an hour maybe even two there. I found some adorable crochet patterns, a cute jar that is shaped like a bunny. I still have that jar, the crochet patterns were for cute angel ornaments, I still have those patterns.        

Happy Crocheting! 

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  1. Yes, she does have some cute and colorful patterns.
    I got size 3 thread at Michael's and at that time they had many different colors. I hope you find the colors you are looking for.


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat