Friday, February 3, 2012

Confusing Crochet Thread Weights and Grams Aunt Lydia -Bernart

I purchased some crochet thread online at Joann's. It said weight category 3 here is the link at Joann's for Bernart Handicrafter Crochet Thread.  I got it for a great price of $1.95 per each.
After I Purchased it while working with it is thinner then the two I talk about below, it is 85 gr. 

I also have on hand in my stash I bought in the store Aunt Lydia's Crochet Thread Fashion 3, I found a link online to it at Herschner's.  It says size 3 thread, but does not list the gr.

I also had on hand some Patons Grace size 3 Mercerized Cotton 50 gr. 

They all say size 3, but Aunt Lydia's does not list the gr, but works well with the Patons, although I am not thrilled with Patons because it splits while working with it and causes me to go back and pull threads that didn't go through the hook all they way to go back again and redo the stitch. I love the colors though they are super vibrant. 

Aunt Lydia's Fashion 3 thread is fantastic and I love the colors and weight of that thread.

Bernart is really nice but a bit thinner, lots of pretty colors.

I can work with both Aunt Lydia's and Patons interchangeably in a project, but I cannot use my new yarn in the same project which I was hoping to do. 

So I messed up on the yarn I guess I can use the new Bernart yarn still for the same projects, but I cannot as I wanted use them together interchangeably I am so disappointed.  All are listed as fine 1.

I wish I can find out the gauge on the Aunt Lydia's but I cannot find it anywhere. Bernart says 4" = 35 stitches. Patons says 4" 24 stitches. In any event like I said I can use Patons Grace and Aunt Lydia's interchangeably and that is great, but now i need to find some more colors from Aunt Lydia and I can't find it in the store here, so back online I go for more shopping of crochet thread. I need some orange and purple and a few other colors. 

Here is a photo of the new yarn from Bernart, it's very nice I worked with it for a test project and I love it. I wish I could use it with the other two though. Boo!

It's a nice day today here in Northern California. We need some rain though. 

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  1. Gauges and weights can be very confusing with different types of yarns and threads. I get so frustrated when the yarns/threads split on me.


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