Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lovely Crochet Slippers

I have just finished crocheting a lovely pair of slippers, they are nice and cozy and warm. I think the best yarn for crocheting slippers is Worsted Weight Yarns. I used two strands throughout for warm slippers and I made a little flower for the top. I used Red Heart Eco-Ways recycled blend yarn for these slippers in Peacock, I mixed the tops with another color similar from scrap yarn. For the flowers I used Patons Grace.

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My next project is some quick and easy pear coasters and then from there more ornaments and origami and perhaps more slippers! But also on the list is something I can make with the Red Heart Shimmer Yarn I have perhaps this project a cowl Project # LW2286 it uses two balls and that is what I have two balls of Black Red Heart Shimmer Yarn. But I am really in love with this pattern WR2132 Heavenly Wrap Crochet Pattern, using the Red Heart Shimmer Yarn.

I found a bunch of darling patterns that use Red Heart Yarns, I really like the colorful crochet doilies, those are to cute!
I love searching the net for fun quick patterns. 

Have a wonderful Saturday! 

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