Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Pet Crochet Rock - Little Treasure of the Earth

I had found one of my crochet today magazines and in the 
"We Hear You" section where readers showcase their projects was a letter and little snippet about a past article of little urchin crochet covered sea stones with the title "rock on!" The Crochet Today article found originally in the (Sep/Oct 09) issue by Ms. Oomen whom created the interesting rocks.
Well I thought it was extremely unique - I love rocks and had remembered as a youngster back in the 70's Pet Rocks was a popular craze and actually sold at Montgomery Wards.
Living in California I have been to the beach many times looking for shells, but never rocks though I love interesting rocks.
So when I read this snippet I thought well I certainly want to try that, so I did. It was not as easy as it looks. I made about 4 motifs before deciding on the one in the photo and it was hard to make the motifs fit tight enough around the rock. I kept getting another rock thinking the rock I had was not good enough, shaped well enough and that my motifs were not pretty enough or interesting enough and the yarn color was not right or lacy enough. This whole process ended up taking me three days and finally yesterday I decided on this motif and this rock. For heavens sake it's just a Rock! but I love it and love the concept. It would be fun to make these for Easter and leave for the kiddo's to find in the yard along with their Easter Eggs, little treasure of the earth.
In the end I decided on a violet color from  Bernart Handicrafter Crochet Thread. It's a pretty color. 

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Have a great Sunday!

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  1. That's so cute! What a great idea to leave them in the yard for the kids to find. They would also make pretty paper weights.


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