Friday, March 30, 2012

A Day of Handmade Cards

On Wednesday I pulled out my Silhouette Cameo Cutting Machine and started cutting away. I cut paper for several hours and still did not cut out everything I wanted, but I got the bulk of the cutting done. I have a few projects I am working on (Surprise).

One project I am working on is a framed paper art owl. I hope that gets done before Easter weekend. I wanted it done this weekend because Kirsten is coming over with Rylan and I am making it for his room. If I didn't get so distracted it would be done as of Thursday. Well perhaps there is still time it's only Friday and it should only take a few hours to make.

 On Thursday besides making a few pairs of earrings and talking on the phone trying to get things taken care of for my mom and woking on a few orders from my website I found a bit of time in the afternoon to make some cards from the cuttings I did on Wednesday with the Silhouette Cameo Cutting Machine.  I think I made 10 cards and 5 gift tags. I didn't photograph all the gift tags, but they are super cute.

  Two cute baby boy cut out owl cards. My neighbor had a baby boy her first at 38, so I wanted to make a card for her and her husband to go with the gift I bought them for little baby Carson.

A Vintage lady filigree I love this one it's my favorite image I added a Swarovski Crystal on the image, I need to make some vintage roses using Quilling I think because the card is plain, but then again maybe it should be, what do you think? leave it plain or to much if I add some tiny quilled roses around the outer white part? what color roses would be nice do you think?

 Another favorite image of mine a little girl silhouette, I added two Swarovski Crystals on this card as well. I will leave the rest of the card plain.

I love this one as well it's a hand stitched heart with a chipboard bird, I think the bird may need a branch though.

As you can see I am still not done designing some of these cards.

Hand stitched heart with a chipboard butterfly.

When my kids were young I was addicted to stamps, paper, ink and made cards with them all the time. I was also addicted to cross stitch and sewing at that time. I think my addictions have grown leaps and bounds. I did work though so that helped contain and limit my urges to splurges. 
At Christmas I made everyone hand made cards and Kirsten was so excited. I think it brought back memories to her. I didn't make one for Shane, but I should, he loves arts and crafts. This year my son and his wife will graduate with a BA degree. I am so excited for them.

When Steve came home from work and after I fixed him dinner I was working on this card and he seemed to like this one. I think he liked the background it's so cheery and a cute hand stitched butterfly. I was thinking of putting something in the center of the butterfly but what? I think it would be to messy and simple is good.

 Another hand stitched heart, I will have to think about what I want to do with this one in the center.  

Another Vintage Lady silhouette card with Swarovski Crystal, these are simple but sweet.

and again this one looks very Victorian to me.

Another Stitched Heart Butterfly Card I put stickles on the butterfly.

I large bird Gift Tag with Swarovski Crystal Eye.

Vintage Lady Gift Tags with Swarovski Crystals

So what is your favorite card?

Now I have to go to Joann's today and then make the framed owl you will really like that when I get it done and post it. Everything for baby Rylan is so cute. I also need to make a few Easter Cards. 

Have a great TGIF.... one more day until April!    

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  1. Oh Kat!! Those cards are so much fun!! I like the first baby boy card with the buttons and so many more, the butterfly card...the blue handstich heart one with the blue chip butterfly. I love all of them though and how you added the crystals. So cute. How fun!!
    Have a nice weekend. It is in the 80's here.
    I applied for a Kindergarten position at the school where I did my student teaching. I will keep you posted. Don't post anything on my facebook wall about it, I have not told my work. I do not know if I will even get an interview. It is so hard to get a job. I want to keep the one I have if I have to. ;)

  2. All very cute crafts, Kat! I especially like the little bird gift tag. I wrote about the zoo today. No, not a big fan of little zoos where animals are in small cages but this kind of zoo is fine. Elizabeth was the one who was really opposed to zoos. (((Hugz)))

  3. Hi Kat,

    Those cards are really, really nice! Hope you're having a wonderful week. Lots of hugs


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat