Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Feeling Fine I Think!

First yesterday I made a cute pair of earrings I crochet around some hoops. I did this on our recliner couch because i cannot sit long at this computer but today I thought I would write a bit about myself and my pain issues. I am sure I am not the only one that lives with chronic pain issues.    
Well here is my earrings I made from the chair. Before my back was bothering me I made a bunch of earrings I put for sale on Etsy, Red, White and Blue earrings and other drop earrings. Check them out here and here, they are made with beads though. 

I am feeling fine I think....well about as fine as you can be when you have a sore back and legs, it is getting better though. The worst part about the Sciatica was having the pain in my thigh which was like someone was stabbing me in my thigh. It was awful. I was truly miserable. My back is still tender but I don't feel any pain just feel like I better be careful for awhile.

It's hard for me to sit to long or at the computer. I have fallen on my tailbone twice, once I went to sit in a banana chair when we had a backyard pool and it was not latched tight and it fell through with me in it and I landed on my tailbone right on the metal that was in the frame.
I was in a bad car accident where a car hit our car (my side) at like 50 mph speed and I had a broken nose and some pain issues after that.
I was in a head on car accident where a drunk driver hit us while we were visiting my aunt in southern CA and had taken my grandmother's car to pick my dad up from the LAX. 
I broke my leg as a child. I fell once more on my tailbone recently. I had a work injury to my neck and shoulders and down my back, that was from when I was waitressing and we carried huge huge trays. I learned to do it and it was no big deal but one day I felt strain to my neck and shoulders and felt the pain of that down my spine. I told my employers I needed a jack, they refused one for me. They didn't like the way they cluttered the restaurant and said that customers could injure themselves on them. Really! I had worked places before where we had them and they were kept in a place where customers could not get hurt by them when they were in use. Made me wonder whom they were really worried about or was it a they really didn't like the way they looked in their restaurant. How selfish and naive they were. But they continue to this day with that mantra. And have had several employees with injuries to the neck, shoulders and back.  
Well one day it got really bad for me pain wise and I went to see my Doctor. He was a young doctor and very kind. He asked what I did for a living and I told him I wait tables. He said oh this is a work injury and he started filling out paperwork. I freaked out, oh please don't tell me those will get back to my employer?  He said yes it's the law. Well the owner of the restaurant were not nice people and I was a bit nervous of what would happen, what they might say to me about this. After all I had asked for a jack and told them I was in pain.
Unfortunately Steve's insurance changed right after my appt with my doctor and I had to see another doctor, but first i was told I had to see the worker comp doctors for awhile before I could see my own doctor it was a nightmare. After that things went bad to worse for me before they got any better. I was out of work for over a year, when I returned to work I got a job somewhere else went to school and got a Paralegal diploma. I took a job with an Insurance company and was very unhappy there it was not a good fit. I left and went back to waitressing and I did fine for about a year and a half and then pain returned but it was all over my body. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and  Myofascial pain syndrome. I was off work again for another year. I took more classes afterwards at the local college choosing the legal field. I became a certified loan signer and CA Notary Public, I got a job with an attorney friend of mine.This job proved to be extremely stressful for me, so that has been my last real job. I can return to it anytime though if I feel I want to, perhaps in a lesser way by working for a company rather than being a independent contractor like I was. I really took on a huge responsibility when I did all that. I was not ready for it so soon after my stressful years. 
Now I just live in a world of chronic pain, this is not to say I don't have any good days, I have some good days and some bad days, some mixed days. 
I have been to therapy and done all things asked of me by doctors, but still I live in pain. I learn to live with it most of the time, but this time was hard as it is when I get my neck pain which is with me constantly now and probably will be forever, everyday my neck and shoulders hurt.
I got my x-ray and it showed nothing. I am fine at least my back. My Doctor said they perhaps the pain continues I would need to see a specialist. So we will see what happens with my back and this sciatica.   
The last 15 years have been tricky lots of ups and downs for me with this pain.  
I guess I have a lot of reasons of how it can happen, it's just what is causing it that bothers me so much and how I can fix this problem. 

We had a nice weekend invited our neighbors over and family for Sunday dinner. They have a three month old baby and their little Carson had fun with our daughter Kirsten's little baby Rylan. It was cute. We had lasagna I made with Key Lime Pie I also made and some sour dough bread from a San Francisco Bread Company. It's very good bread. I made a huge  salad which was a big hit. It had everything in it except the kitchen sink. LOL!

Have a great week.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Friday!

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I have been in so much pain this week, I have Sciatica which refers to pain, weakness, numbness, or tingling in the leg. It is caused by injury to or pressure on the sciatic nerve. Sciatica is a symptom of another medical problem, not a medical condition on its own.
Yesterday I went to see my Doctor and he sent me for an x-ray so we will see what is going on with my back and legs. My legs always hurt anyway because of the Fibromyalgia I have. This time I had a horrid knot in my thigh and it felt like someone was stabbing me. It was awful. 
For nearly a week well since Monday, I have not been able to do anything at all. It's hard to get me to sit still. I was not a happy camper. I should have gone sooner but I have had this before, although not this severe and it went away. 

On Sunday I went out to lunch with some old friends that I have not seen since I was 21 it was fun. This weekend we are having the kids over for Italian dinner and our neighbors are coming over as well. I am not sure my mom will come or not. She does not like to come when I have other guest. I wish she would but we will see.

I am taking meds now the doctor prescribed Norco. I would not be able to sit here this morning without them to type in my blog. I was flat on my back for days and I could only walk a little bit and it felt best when I did walk. if I was still the pain was horrid. I took aspirin and used a heating pad and took lots of naps. Some people say they can't sleep when they are in pain but I can, I just have to relax and then I fall asleep. I love sleeping through times like this it helps me cope and then I can sleep it off. They say sleeping helps you heal anyway. I really don't know how I got this, although I have been in a terrible car accident and have fallen on my tailbone twice and have had a broken leg. So that cannot be good now that I am getting older. I can't wait to get the x-ray back.

It took me almost one week to do this little picture card. I like it a lot. It made me think of bright and cheery! I like the white picket fence, shutters, window and tree and flowers. It's the perfect Spring day, I hope you have one. I used the Sizzix Vintaj Bigkick to cut out the little pieces using the Poppy Dies and the Memory Box Dies. I have started collecting them because I love creating the little scenes. 

I am going to watch my favorite program tonight Who Do You Think You Are. 

Have a great weekend! 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Cute Scene Cards

I have fallen in love with the Memory Box and Poppy Stamp Dies. Here are a few cards I have made using them.

Flower and Birds in the Garden Scene Card

I love this card, I am getting better at creating cute art on cards, but I want to put the art on something else besides just cards. I have a few ideas running around in my head.

For this card I used Hero Arts White folded Cards, Ranger Forest Moss Green Distress Ink, Zip Dry Paper Glue, Tender Leaves Memory Box Die, Just Right Cling Family Garden Stamp, Round Buttons by Memory Box, Amana Circle by Memory Box, Grassland Border Poppy Stamps, Reed Bird Memory Box, Nestled Bird Poppy Stamps, Bazzil Paper Vintage Market Place Paper, Popdots by Plaid, Doodle Twine on Button.

I stamped the card with the vine from the Family Garden Cling Collection in Forest Moss Green, then I Die cut two of the Amana Circles and situated them so they lay in not directly on top of each other but off a bit to give the flower some dimension and them folded the top flower a bit to make it puff out in 3d. I die cut and added the smallest button from the Buttons by Memory Box to the center of the flower. 
I then die cut and added the larger Tender Leaves from Memory Box underneath the flower,  die cut and added the grassland border by Poppy Stamps and die cut the two birds from Memory Box and Poppy Stamps. It was a quick and cute card. 

Window Scene Card

This is a cute window card that is highly distressed. I will make it again in white. I used Memory Box and Poppy Stamp Dies for most of this card, except the butterfly is from EK, and the branch and bird I cut from a Tim Holtz Sizzix die.  

City Scene Card

I really love this city scape card it's a 3D pop up card. The die I used for the small city that is 3D is by Savvy Stamps. I used a cloud rubber stamp and a kite stamp as well to decorate the card.
Side View

Tomorrow on Saturday I am going to visit my grandson and daughter Kirsten. I can't wait to see them. I love playing with Rylan.  

Here is cute photo my daughter and DIL gave me for Mother's Day of my two grands. My daughter's Baby Rylan and my sons daughter Morgan.

Have yourself a great weekend. 

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Great Grandma's Dishes

I have had a horrid back problem lately. It does not ache it just hurts to move. I don't know what I did to it, but ever since I fell on my tailbone a few years ago I get this every so often. It came on after Steve and I were in the car driving to and fro on his vacation.

Yesterday I worked in the yard fertilizing my plants and trees. I had already done some but needed to them all. Then afterwards I came into the house and cleaned all the shades in the greatroom every slat, the windows and windowsills. I had let my shades get to much dirt and dust on them. Yuck!

This is a share of some Vintage Family Heirlooms. I have a lot. I feel very very blessed to be given so many family heirlooms from both my paternal and maternal sides.  

Many years ago my mom gave to me her grandmother's dishes. Which would be my great grandmother. Her mother (Amanda Beck) from England brought them to America after her visit with her family and gifted them to her daughter Della Mae Southard. I am guessing they are about 100 years old at least.

They are the Normandy from Johnson Brothers England.

 These are tiny little plates, they are so cute..... they are good for sauces or your tea bag. The tiny kitty on the top was purchased for me by my daughter Kirsten when we were in Solvang many years ago. Solvang is an adorable Danish Town in CA. She thought the kitty would match the dishes and she was right he was a good fit.

This is my mother's family, her grandmother Della Mae Southard and her grandfather Perry Benson Sparks. The little girl is my grandmother Rose Hazel Sparks.
In this photo if you see my great grandmother's eye is kind of funny looking because as a child she was shot in the eye by an Indian while they were in Indiana. After leaving Indiana as a child she grew up mostly in Ohio where my grandmother and mother were born.    

I love these two platters.
One platter on Ebay is going for $239.00
Here is a stack of the dishes we've never eaten from them they just sit in my kitchen curio cabinet.
Normandy from Johnson Brothers England.
Big Bowl
Sugar and Creamer

I do not own the full set, it was split between my mother and her sister, so my aunt Shirley who passed away in 2000 leaving my mom the only living sibling had the rest of the set and she gave it to her two daughters but I do not know if they have any of the pieces to this set, I am afraid to ask them. I guess I don't really want to know what happened to to teapot I love teapots. 

Here is my curio cabinet, the house across the street looks so very close. 

Close up, you can see I have other collections, which I started on my own. I will talk about those another time.

Do you like earrings? check out my earrings...I have made a bunch of Red, Clear and Blue and Red White and Blue Earrings. Also some cute star earrings.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Saturday, May 12, 2012


This past weekend I had this grand idea of making  a Topiary. I was going to quill what I thought was 100 roses and posies. I was cutting them with my BigShot and my Silhouette  Cameo cutting machines.
Well I cut about 200 ruffled roses and posies to begin with and that was not enough in all I have over 500 tiny roses and posies on this Topiary.  
It is a mother's day gift to my mom.
I cut and cut, quilled and quilled and quilled thinking surely it would be enough but no! finally I finished last night in the nick of time for our Mothers day outing today.
 I hate the white spots showing and tried to cover them with even more tiny roses but ran out of time. But the directions for it says that is normal and okay. But I am such a perfectionist. 

When I was shopping I could only find this green coffee cup to be suitable unfortunately there was no pinks or light lavenders, only blue or green. I guess it looks okay. Plaster of paris is holing the branch into the coffee cup I got from my backyard. I added moss to the bottom to cover the plaster of paris. I was not sure this was how you spelled paris for plaster of paris, so I googled it and I guess it is.

   Here is a small pile of un-quilled roses and posies. 
a gorgeous pile of rolled posies and roses.
oh look the word paris is on the container. What I started with Plaster of Paris, Reindeer Moss and a Styrofoam ball. 
And the coffee cup, I got this from Joann's.
Time to quill and quill.
I got this idea from Dave Brethauer, the designer Memory Box Dies. He makes gorgeous little dies. He said 100 roses and pansies but I used smaller ones so that is why mine was 500  
plus Joann's was out of the smaller styrofoam ball so I had to use a larger one. Well that made all the difference in the length of time. LOL!

I also cut the roses using my Silhouette Cameo Cutting Machine.

I hope mom will like it I worked on three days or more. 

Today I am meeting the kids and mom for our mothers day gathering at On The Border. 

Have a wonderful happy Mother's Day. 

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pigeon Point Lighthouse - Lake Tahoe - Carson City Trip

Last week on Tuesday we took our 2 hour drive to Pigeon Point Lighthouse off the coast of California HWY 1. We had to go through San Francisco to get there, there are other ways but that was the quickest route for us.
It was a beautiful day and wonderful day trip. We ate breakfast at Panera Bread we just had bagels. The tolls to cross the Oakland Bay Bridge and the Embarcadero were $12.00 for both ways, $6.00 in and $6.00 out. We were not hungry for lunch so we only stopped for coffee in Half Moon Bay and then hopped in the car and got back on the road. 
I have not had a chance to upload and go through the San Francisco photos most of those were taken with the video camcorder. I will do those another time. We did not do anything in San Francisco we've been there a thousand times. We just wanted to beat the afternoon traffic so we headed home.

Oaky I will show off my photos with blurbs or stories along the way.  

Pigeon Point Lighthouse where we went Whale watching and to see and photograph another lighthouse.
 Steve told me to do that, throw my hands in the air I am standing on a hill in front of the lighthouse. 
There are so many wonderful views right behind me is where the whales were that day.
Everyone checking out the whales.
It is hard to photograph the wales, do you see the puff of water out there where the whale spots out water? that is the whale there were two of them. One photographer got a shot of one whale, I did not. They moved in closer and closer as time went by.
 Steve and I set up the tripod and took our own scenery photos with the pups and us.
  Here is my postcard shot!

On Wednesday we stayed home and worked in the yard. It is Steve's vacation he goes back to work next Wednesday. 

On Thursday we left about 2pm to take our drive to Lake Tahoe and Carson City Nevada.
On the way we stopped and snapped our own photo at the chapel we were married at nearly 24 years ago in July. Chapel of the Bells. The Pastor came and asked if we wanted to renew our vows, I said no I don't want to jinx our vows we've already taken, he laughed. We were married on the California side of South Lake Tahoe. We stayed the night in Carson City Nevada, our gas was less for this trip $70.00 I think it's because we didn't have the awful traffic. 
  I had to get the wide view because the bear is so cute holding some white flowers. We've been up to Lake Tahoe more times then I can count and never stopped at the Chapel for photos. The day we were married there July 9th, 1988 a young man named Shane took our photos I thought that was cute since I have a son named Shane.
     Here is the zoom in, same photo.
We stopped to take this photo on the way to Carson City it's so pretty.
Here is our favorite place to eat and it's the best in Carson City Reds Old 395 Grill, we splurged on dinner and had steak. We always eat there when we are in Carson City. 
We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express, it was very clean and they take pets. We had our two tiny pups, Edee and Effie. 6lbs each.
In Carson City we met two couples that stayed at the Holiday Inn and also ate at Reds Old Grill as well, the two couples were together and on their way to Virginia City, which is a fun Western City. They were having a car show there for old cars. This guy turned on his lights for me. Later he told Steve he should have let me sit in the car and handcuff me for fun photos. I was busy in the Holiday Inn when Steve talked to him again so I didn't know I could have had such fun photos.  
In the morning when the sun is just trying to come out a photo of Lake Tahoe on the way home.
 Another beautiful photo in Lake Tahoe on the way home.

Last night I tried to photograph the super moon but I didn't get a good shot. I have before taken full moon shots. Last night it didn't happen for me. 

Today I am off to see my son Shane. Have a wonderful week!


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