Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Feeling Fine I Think!

First yesterday I made a cute pair of earrings I crochet around some hoops. I did this on our recliner couch because i cannot sit long at this computer but today I thought I would write a bit about myself and my pain issues. I am sure I am not the only one that lives with chronic pain issues.    
Well here is my earrings I made from the chair. Before my back was bothering me I made a bunch of earrings I put for sale on Etsy, Red, White and Blue earrings and other drop earrings. Check them out here and here, they are made with beads though. 

I am feeling fine I think....well about as fine as you can be when you have a sore back and legs, it is getting better though. The worst part about the Sciatica was having the pain in my thigh which was like someone was stabbing me in my thigh. It was awful. I was truly miserable. My back is still tender but I don't feel any pain just feel like I better be careful for awhile.

It's hard for me to sit to long or at the computer. I have fallen on my tailbone twice, once I went to sit in a banana chair when we had a backyard pool and it was not latched tight and it fell through with me in it and I landed on my tailbone right on the metal that was in the frame.
I was in a bad car accident where a car hit our car (my side) at like 50 mph speed and I had a broken nose and some pain issues after that.
I was in a head on car accident where a drunk driver hit us while we were visiting my aunt in southern CA and had taken my grandmother's car to pick my dad up from the LAX. 
I broke my leg as a child. I fell once more on my tailbone recently. I had a work injury to my neck and shoulders and down my back, that was from when I was waitressing and we carried huge huge trays. I learned to do it and it was no big deal but one day I felt strain to my neck and shoulders and felt the pain of that down my spine. I told my employers I needed a jack, they refused one for me. They didn't like the way they cluttered the restaurant and said that customers could injure themselves on them. Really! I had worked places before where we had them and they were kept in a place where customers could not get hurt by them when they were in use. Made me wonder whom they were really worried about or was it a they really didn't like the way they looked in their restaurant. How selfish and naive they were. But they continue to this day with that mantra. And have had several employees with injuries to the neck, shoulders and back.  
Well one day it got really bad for me pain wise and I went to see my Doctor. He was a young doctor and very kind. He asked what I did for a living and I told him I wait tables. He said oh this is a work injury and he started filling out paperwork. I freaked out, oh please don't tell me those will get back to my employer?  He said yes it's the law. Well the owner of the restaurant were not nice people and I was a bit nervous of what would happen, what they might say to me about this. After all I had asked for a jack and told them I was in pain.
Unfortunately Steve's insurance changed right after my appt with my doctor and I had to see another doctor, but first i was told I had to see the worker comp doctors for awhile before I could see my own doctor it was a nightmare. After that things went bad to worse for me before they got any better. I was out of work for over a year, when I returned to work I got a job somewhere else went to school and got a Paralegal diploma. I took a job with an Insurance company and was very unhappy there it was not a good fit. I left and went back to waitressing and I did fine for about a year and a half and then pain returned but it was all over my body. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and  Myofascial pain syndrome. I was off work again for another year. I took more classes afterwards at the local college choosing the legal field. I became a certified loan signer and CA Notary Public, I got a job with an attorney friend of mine.This job proved to be extremely stressful for me, so that has been my last real job. I can return to it anytime though if I feel I want to, perhaps in a lesser way by working for a company rather than being a independent contractor like I was. I really took on a huge responsibility when I did all that. I was not ready for it so soon after my stressful years. 
Now I just live in a world of chronic pain, this is not to say I don't have any good days, I have some good days and some bad days, some mixed days. 
I have been to therapy and done all things asked of me by doctors, but still I live in pain. I learn to live with it most of the time, but this time was hard as it is when I get my neck pain which is with me constantly now and probably will be forever, everyday my neck and shoulders hurt.
I got my x-ray and it showed nothing. I am fine at least my back. My Doctor said they perhaps the pain continues I would need to see a specialist. So we will see what happens with my back and this sciatica.   
The last 15 years have been tricky lots of ups and downs for me with this pain.  
I guess I have a lot of reasons of how it can happen, it's just what is causing it that bothers me so much and how I can fix this problem. 

We had a nice weekend invited our neighbors over and family for Sunday dinner. They have a three month old baby and their little Carson had fun with our daughter Kirsten's little baby Rylan. It was cute. We had lasagna I made with Key Lime Pie I also made and some sour dough bread from a San Francisco Bread Company. It's very good bread. I made a huge  salad which was a big hit. It had everything in it except the kitchen sink. LOL!

Have a great week.

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  1. My heart and prayers go out to you. it sounds like you are trying to make the best of a bad situation. I pray that you can find beneficial medical help soon. Glad you had a good time with your neighbors. Dinner sounds delicious. laurie

  2. Forgot to tell you, your earrings are so pretty.

  3. Those are gorgeous earrings.
    Kat, I just hate that you live with all of that pain and everything else you have to go through with your health. :*( I wish I could be there for you. I know you have a wonderful family and friends though. Take care and I will pray for you. (((BIG HUGS)))!!!

  4. Gee, Kat. You have been through so much. I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing chronic pain. I hope you find relief soon. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Your dinner with the neighbors sounds delicious. I love lasagna and key lime pie. You are a good neighbor. There aren't many good neighbors around anymore.
    Your earring are pretty. You did a great job.
    Take care and I hope you had a good day.

  5. Hi Kat,
    So sorry to hear about the pain you endure. You're a strong lady, but I imagine it's extremely exhausting working through the pain some days. Sending big hugs your way. Have a good week.

  6. Love the earrings! Sorry, you're not feeling well.I pray you are better soon.I suffer with Fibromyalgia,too.

  7. No, you aren't alone. I have lived with pain for a long time. I also have the sciatica in the thighs etc. Now I have stenosis of the spine and constant pain. I understand perfectly how it can be and will keep you in my prayers!

  8. Kat, your earrings are just beautiful! I also, have had car accidents, etc. Have live with chronic pain since I was 19, and was diagnosed with Fibro about 10 years ago. It is a very tiring thing at times. I love that you have a positive attitude. I think you have to try to just keep going. And stop and rest when you have too! You keep looking for a doctor that can help you. I had a steroid shot for my sciatica and it helped tons.

  9. Those earrings are beautiful, I can't beleive you crochet that small, so delicate!!
    You have been through so much, I know I do feel funny about complaining about my aches and pains but I figure when that is a big part of my life I might as well share. Sure hope you can get relief and feel alot better soon!


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat