Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hooked on Making Handmade Cards

I have really  become hooked on making paper cards. I am getting better at it and sold one on Etsy. Yay!

I put this one up on Etsy because I have a lot of cards now since I have been playing around with the Copic markers, dies from My Favorite Things, Memory Box and PoppyStamps. These cute little stamps that I used for the sweet girl is from My Favorite Things called Pure Innocence and I just bought about 10 more because I was having to much fun with this one stamp I wanted to branch out. I check their selection and it's huge so I got a lot of really sweet and cute ones.  

The two children that started the PoppyStamps company are the children of David Brethauer the designer of the Memory Box stamps and papers.  
A cute story about the two is that they started the company as a way to learn about their parents business. Here is their story here. It's pretty amazing these kids are quite young Cooper and Emma. They started a group called the "Purple Polar Bears" so they could learn about business and help animals at the same time. Pretty amazing for two kids. The story really is a must read and they are quite an inspiration to all kids who aspire to start a business and help animals at the same time. It's an inspiration for adults as well that once you set your mind on something you can accomplish anything.

Here are four other cards I made recently using the dies and stamps from the companies I mentioned above as well as stamps and the copic markers.

 Be Happy Friends

Go Coconuts with Me!

You Add Sparkle to My Life

You're My Little Firecracker

This one I had a hard time learning to use the copic markers on her face. I will remove her and redo her because she looks awful. Thankfully I can remove her because she is 3D with pop dots and can be removed.

I am loving my new craft room that Steve made for me. I still need to fix these curtains I made and make the other side. The zigzag is off a bit at the top and really has to be perfect.

Steve's arthritis is doing better, but now he has a problem in the other knee it's super swollen and they are sending him for a MRI test.  He is having a hard time walking and standing. I don't know how he will work, but he says he won't stop working and that he will manage. It worries me that he will get worse. I will feel so much better when I know what is going on and what they can do to help him then I can relax about how he is going to manage to work with all this pain and issues with his legs and knees and hips.
He walks all day at work and stands all day. I told him to sit more so finally he is listening to and did sit this past week at his desk and got up to wait on customers when they came rather then standing all day long like he normally does. I don't know why he was doing that, but I have told him before to sit some, but he was refusing to. 

This weekend I went to meet a relative of mine who was visiting from PA and we met him halfway from Stinson Beach and that was Fairfield CA, so we stopped and had breakfast at Sandy's 101 omelets and then after breakfast with them we left and went to Jelly Belly factory and had our photo taken with my camera in front of RR he is completely made out of Jelly Beans. It's amazing.

Well it's back to laundry and off to pick up my allergy medications, I have been so not feeling well this week because of allergies. 

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Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Updated Craft Room

Happy Summer! today is the first day of summer, it is hot but tomorrow we are expecting a cool down. I want to go to Old Sacramento this weekend for dinner at the Crab Shack, we will see though because Steve either has arthritis in his hip or a pinched nerve or both he has been in a lot of pain since making my craft room make over, I feel so bad for him. He is expecting some test results back tomorrow. He never misses work, but missed a day of work this week because it hurt him so bad.  

Thanks to my husband I am now very happy crafter with a lot more work space. It looks really nice I think....well see for yourself. It's really nice to be able to have all that work space for my many crafts!

I only have half the curtains made for the room at this time. I used that wonderful cute zigzag fabric I showed off in a recent post to make the little sweet curtains that go great with my color scheme. I just need to finish the other side and I need to adjust the one hanging because the zigzag is a bit off and Not perfectly strait, that will drive me crazy.

The photos were taken at different times, so some show the picture of the little girl on the floor and some on the wall and some show the vases empty and others there are flowers in the vase, some are day and some at night. 

Below Craft Room Update

Enter Close Up
 Craft Desk and Martha Stewart Cubicle Storage
 Cute vase with handmade felt flowers
 TV Corner
 Work Space
 Martha Stewart Cubicle Storage 
(See this blue vase I got this at Target I love it, they have two other designs I think I will try to get them tomorrow, if they still have them. Today I made the felt flowers to put in the vase, you can see the flowers at the bottom of this post.   
 Desk and Chair
 Storage Cabinet (I already had this)
 My Desk
 Glass Jars for Buttons
 I already had these containers I got them at Target zigzag/chevron
 This drawer at the bottom rolls out
 Large Cabinet
 Big drawer
 faux glass handles
 cute faux glass knob
 room for yarn
 Lots of storage 

 I just made these cute felt daisies today they are so cute I put them into a vase on my craft table. 

 These are called Loopy Flowers aren't they adorable? I made these with felt as well for on top the cubicle cabinet by Martha Stewart.

I have put off the purse I was going to make for now and I today I made the felt flowers using dies from My Favorite Things to put in the vases in my craft room. I will talk about that next post, many have asked me to show how to make the cute felt flowers.

This photo above is of the new crochet afghan I am making. I am really crazy for Chevron and Zigzag right now. These colors are bright, they remind me of the 70's but Steve says it looks more like Native American. Hmm..... I don't know, I was trying to go for the 70's look.
Did I mention how hot is it to crochet an afghan in the summer with Hot Flashes! 
Pretty soon that afghan is going to get longer and it will be so hot in my lap with two Chihuahua's.

Craft Room Update Again 4-9-2013

So now the work table wraps all around the wall like an L. Perfect!

We moved last March of 2014 and so my craft room is smaller, and has a bit of the same look but a newer look as well. I had to make this space work for me. It's hard to believe that it's almost been a year we've moved. Wow that was a lot of work, remodeled this entire house, yet I still had time to craft!

My husband just made these shelfs for me this Month Jan 2015 for my sewing supplies.

Behind this closet is custom shelfing.
I'd show the other side but I have the dogs crate in front of that side of the door temporarily.

October 2016 New Upgrade to Craft Room

Steve made me an extension to my shelfs, I love it!

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

Happy Saturday!

A few weeks ago Steve came home from working on pops truck with some cabinets from his pops shop. Pop makes custom cabinets. Apparently the customer changed their minds and wanted something different, so he gave them to Steve. Steve had no idea what he would do with them but thought our neighbor might want them, so he brought them home. Our neighbor didn't want them. I asked Steve what are you going to do with these cabinets? he said he didn't know. 

Everyday I went out to the garage to look at them wondering if there was a way to turn the cabinets into a craft table and get rid of this ugly corner desk in my craft room presently. I never have any room to craft, my desk is the sewing table which is to small to sew on and my old corner desk was to hard to craft on. It was frustrating. 

I didn't say anything to him just went out there daily and stared at them. Last weekend I asked him if he could make me a craft table with one of the cabinets. They were kind of tall so he would have to cut them down so I could reach to sew and craft and build a table on the top of the cabinet that would extend out quite a ways for some room and would have to have some support on the opposite end.  The cabinet he got from pop was weird, it didn't have any shelves in it yet, and it had a roll out bottom drawer which I do like.  

When I shared my idea with Steve he was like Tool man Tim, he got so excited! perfect I thought, because I didn't know if he would want to do this or not. I was happy he was up to the task. He is super creative with his hands. We went to the Home Depot which is one of his favorite stores, if not the favorite. He bought the white melamine for the top of the cabinet to match the cabinet pop had made. Then he told me about some Martha Stewart cubicle storage unit which I had never seen before. He bought that also, he bought two of them with the canvas storage cubes. All together it was about $175.00 for this makeover, and I went back yesterday to get some handles and a cart for the printer and scanner so that was another $30.00. Not bad, although I also picked up some really nice plastic containers for organizing your craft things so you can find them so that was another $50.00, see where I am going here. LOL! one things leads to another, but in the end $255.00 is not bad for the renovation of my craft room. And Steve had a lot of fun he said doing this.

Steve modifying the cabinet, it was originally to be a bathroom cabinet, waste not want not.

It does not reflect yet the drawers and roll out drawer and shelf and long craft table.

A place for everything and everything in its place. - Samuel Smiles (1812-1904) 

Here is the Martha Stewart cubicles Steve bought, what's funny is he knew about them apparently he had been wanting to revamp my craft room awhile ago. I am having a hard time with what to do with the canvas storage cubes, but I am getting there.  

Before he could put everything in the room I had to take out half the stuff. I was also making curtains for the room to match my new theme, turquoise, blues and golds, greens with a hint of brown. Love it!!!!    

So anyways I cannot show the photos of what it looks like yet because it looks a mess as I try to figure out how I want everything. I have seen many craft rooms with shelves on the wall but I didn't want that because it would be to hard to get to. I already store containers of some fabric on the upper shelves in my closet and in a drawer until as well in the closet. The closet is a mess right now, but that is next, it is functional just not as pretty as I would like it to look. I should be done this week and then next week I will post the before and after photos.    

We were thinking about moving and renting out this house because the housing market sucks and we are stuck and cannot sell, we wanted to move up in the mountains but we decided to stay. Steve has put a lot of work into this house and gas is expensive. The drive for him would be 40 minutes to work from the town of Colfax where we want to move someday. A small cute town in the mountains not far from us.    
We finally were able to get our house refinanced for a lower interest rate, it should go through in a few days and that will drop our house payment about $300.00 per month. We didn't qualify for any of the government options that are available which is fine. It's always better when you pay for things yourself, it's a sense of accomplishment and independence. We didn't quality anyway because our lender would have nothing to do with them.

Morgan graduated from the 8th grade on a hot day with no shade for parents or students, wew I am glad that is over, we are so proud of her.

Have a great weekend.


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