Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life's a Bowl of Cherries

 June is here and Life is a Bowl of Cherries, I couldn't resist getting some from the grocery store,they looked so yummy. I found an old song called Life is a Bowl of Cherries I think it is from 1931.

People are queer, they're always crowing, scrambling and rushing about; 
Why don't they stop someday, address themselves this way?
Why are we here? Where are we going? It's time that we found out.
We're not here to stay; we're on a short holiday. 
(Above Lyrics Would Never Be Used Today)

Life is just a bowl of cherries.
Don't take it serious; life's so mysterious.
You work, you save, you worry so,
But you can't take your dough when you go, go, go.
So keep repeating it's the berries,
The strongest oak must fall,
The sweet things in life, to you were just loaned 

So how can you lose what you've never owned?
Life is just a bowl of cherries,
So live and laugh at it all.

Life is just a bowl of cherries.
Don't take it serious; it's too mysterious.
At eight each morning I have got a date,
To take my plunge 'round the Empire State.
You'll admit it's not the berries,
In a building that's so tall;
There's a guy in the show, the girls love to kiss;
Get thousands a week just for crooning like this:
Life is just a bowl of . . . aw, nuts!
So live and laugh at it all!

Thank you for the sweet comments about my pain issues (Last Post), I wasn't trying to get anyone to feel sorry for me (Really) he he. I just thought that perhaps a lot of people are silent about their pain issues as I mostly am because you don't want to appear to have any issues with pain or anything else. But life happens......
I didn't have any time to blog last week only make that one blog post. My husband had a lot of days off and he kept me busy. When his schedule changes he is either gone a lot or home a lot. He worked in the kitchen making a small update for me ripping off the rest of the wall Warren Kimble border I had up over the counters in the kitchen, finally it's all gone!!! Yay! We will look at some simple plain tile to add over the granite, but for now it's painted to match the kitchen paint.

Here is what the small area looks like without the border.
 I made a cover for my kitchenaide Mixer I call it a cozy with a cute pear towel from Target.

I am working on a new cover for the toaster to match the cozy now using the pear towel to replace the old one shown in the photo.

I'm in the mood to sew! I go through all these different stages through the year. I am thinking of making my daughter in law a cherries purse for her birthday and with the lovely Zig Zag fabric a purse for myself and I am not sure what else but I love that fabric. 

Cherries Fabric

Stitch Organic Zig Zag Stripe Fabric with Stitch Organic Stitched Swirls Leaf 

I found out about this adorable zig zag fabric and stitch swirls fabric in the Quilts and More Summer 2012 Magazine

Quilts and More Summer 2012 has a purse in the magazine with pattern, I love that fabric which they call Chevron but it is really zig zag not Chevron.
I try to explain the difference between chevron and zig zag patterns here.

Quilts and More Magazines Purse shown below.

I Almost Forgot Buy Two Pair of Earrings and receive a free pair I have chosen. See last photo, the single red, white blue beaded earrings. You will receive that pair free!

Here is just a sampling of some 4th of July Earrings I have made, but I also have some other cute styles click the link above to see them.

Receive One Pair of 4th of July Earrings Free 
The Free Pair Will Be Just Like or Similar To

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I like that bag! It will look so pretty with your fabrics. I love the cherries! Both the real ones and the fabric! Can't wait to see how your sewing turns out.

  2. Hi Kat! That reminds me of funny Erma Bombeck who wrote a book entitled, "If Life Is a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing in the Pits?" :) Have you thought of using the very popular glass tiles? They come on those web sheets and are in multi-colors and varying sizes. I saw some at Costco (there's a coupon coming for them next week) and they would match your granite. They were shades of brown, tan, etc... (((Hugz)))
    Not sure if tyhis link will work but they are kind of like this:

  3. Those colors are right exactly but that's the style of the tile. Really the in thing right now for backsplashes.

  4. Hi Kat,
    I like the mixer cozy-what a cute idea. I also like your canister. I have a cookie jar similiar to them. The sewing bug has also hit me, but in between sewing I have been crocheting. I can't seem to make up my mind. *smile*. Looking forward to seeing your purse when you are finished. Happy Sewing!

  5. Happy Friday Kay!
    I love cherries the next time I go to the market I must get some :)) Cute mixer cozy! I like Darylynn's idea about the glass tiles. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Dru

  6. Your cozy is very pretty, great idea to use a towel, I do the same thing I get into a mood to do a different craft, it's fun to mix it up a bit :) Your earrings are so pretty, that is one thing I haven't really gotten into yet is jewlery, I have tried a couple of small things, I just love the style of the ones you have made!

  7. Hi Kat, I love that purse with the zigzag material! The cherries fabric is wonderful, too. Great idea with the cozy. Have a super week ahead. Hugs!

  8. A Cherry bag would be so sweet!Love the cherry pic & the song!
    Your kitchen is looking great!


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat