Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Felt Flower Bouquets, Handmade Cards

Good Morning,

I hope everyone is enjoying their July so far. So far we haven't  done anything to exciting, I hope to go to the bay area the next weekend not this one. This weekend we are having everyone over to celebrate four birthdays. It is easier that way then doing them all separate since they are so close together. 

Steve did buy some tile to put over the counters. It is the small squares that I have wanted for about four years, so I am pretty excited for him to get that up.

He is still having knee problems and will be having surgery most likely soon. He says he will wait until November. He does not want to do it right now. I cannot change his mind, he is just like that so hopefully he will be okay, I do worry about him.

I have made the gils my daughter Kirsten and DIL a bouquet of felt flowers using the pretty vases I bought. It did take some time to get these flowers all done. I cut like 100 of them using my Vintaj BigKick, thank God for that cutting machine, I can't imagine cutting these out by hand. Though back in the day I did cut out 200 yo-yos to make a table runner and then sew them all together by hand that did take awhile. If you don't know what old fashioned sewn yo-yos are you can check out this page to see what they look like. They are super cute.

The birthdays are for Brandon my step grandson, my DIL, Morgan and Kirsten. Morgan is 14  now I can't believe it. She has a boyfriend. It's hard to see her with a boyfriend it was just yesterday she was a little girl.    

Here are the flowers I made for the skinny neck purple vase for my DIL purple is her color.

Here is Kirsten's flowers for her wide mouth vase her color is teal.

  I got a nice shot of the flower vases, the ones on each end are mine, I do not have any flowers in mine except the middles size one I showed off in another post. I need to add more flowers to mine though it is sparse compared to the ones I made for the girls.   

I also made some handmade birthday cards for them.

Here is Morgan's card I just love this card it is from a stamped image from My Favorite Things Pure Innocence. 

Here is the card I made for my DIL it is also from a stamped image from My Favorite Things Pure Innocence. 

They stamped using Cling Stamps, those clear stamps.

This one is for my daughter Kirsten, also from My Favorite Things Cling Stamps Pure Innocence.

I made the girls some handmade hand stamped jewelry as well and paper bead bracelets. These were super fun to make. I will show these things in another post. I must get busy doing my shopping for the party on Saturday. I am making homemade ice cream, angel food cake I notice I noticed I started with Dessert here so that reminds me of the saying "Eat Dessert First Life is Uncertain" well my grandfather did almost that every day he had to  have fresh fruit pie with his dinner.  
I am also making fried chicken the healthy way, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn on the cob, coleslaw and my special recipe cornbread. It's so good it melts in your mouth. 

It will be nice to have another family dinner I get to see everyone at once in one place. We do this about once a month and it's great. But it's a lot of hard work for me, but that's okay I can do it once a month.  

Have a great day!


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Thursday, July 19, 2012

From My Garden

Wow I can't believe I haven't posted since last week. I have been busy as a bee. Here are some pretty Hydrangea from my garden. They actually are not as pretty as they should be, they don't seem to do well here in my soil and the place of which they are planted in my garden.
I posted my Suns Collection right before this post.

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I have several new cards I made I will show off later. I made them for my friend Mary Grace in Italy. She is sending me a painting she made, it's a beautiful painting of sunflowers. She does not have a blog.

Several new crystal suncatchers

I also made two vases full of felt flowers, I have to go to Joann's an get some more pipe cleaners to use as stems. I made a video on how to make them but I don't have time to post it just yet. 
 I am also halfway done making a crochet zigzag quilt.

There has been a horrible fire in Placer County where we live for about a week and 2000 firefighters were trying to put it out. It was so smokey mostly in the morning. Our area was never in any danger.
It was in the 100's when it started and then it cooled off to 75 degrees and today it's back up in the 80's.
We are all over the place when it comes to temperatures. I heard we are going to get tropical weather tomorrow.

Steve got a shot in his knee I think it is cortisone. He had to see a specialist and they are not sure what is wrong with it yet but have decided it is one of two things. He may be facing surgery up the road, but it won't be major.

Funny thing, on Tuesday which was Steve's day off he wanted to go to the movies, I said okay and I went to get ready. We decided we would pick up Pizza from Mary's Pizza on the way home. The movie MoonRise Kingdom. Since I was running around trying to get ready for the movie before it started I didn't ask what it was about. When the movie started I saw that is was about cub scouts I was so mad at my husband, but I didn't tell him that. He said to me because it was slow at first we could go, He didn't like the movie either. Well we stayed and it did get better and it is a very cute movie.
Here is the synopses.   
Set on an island off the coast of New England in the summer of 1965, two twelve-year-olds fall in love, make a secret pact, and run away together into the wilderness. As various authorities try to hunt them down, a violent storm is brewing off-shore -- and the peaceful island community is turned upside down in more ways than anyone can handle.
Anyway it's a cute movie but the beginning of the movie starts out strange.
I did forgive Steve for taking me to see a quirky movie. I ended up loving it and the pizza was good and the company was not bad either.

Have a wonderful summer day1


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Backyard Suns Collection

I love suns and have then placed strategically along the fence and on the patio under our cover, every time I go outside they make me happy.  
I have even made a cute Crystal Suncatcher Sun, see them here. These are my favorite suncatchers.
These are crystal suncatchers I sell at my online shop.

Okay on to my backyard sun collection.

My newest sun a copper sundial sun under the patio cover bought for me by my husband and the Home Depot this year.

My first sun

My Second Sun a Rustic Sun

Here is where my first two sun hang on the fence near out frog fountain

     Beautiful Copper Sun Gift From One of My Kids

A sun I bought

This is a huge sun and needs to be repainted. It was purchased for me by my kids.

  Another big sun purchased by my kids It also needs to be repainted.

A Moon Sun. love this one it is decorating my patio under our patio cover

Another sun under our patio cover that decorates the patio

   A sun wind chime that decorates my patio under the cover

Hanging from the tree a Cute Apple Birdhouse, also needs to be repainted.

 A pear birdhouse hanging from the tree also needs repainting.

I love these owls also we have several living in the large pines and Oak Trees 

I have to figure out what kind of paint to paint on metal to spruce up the sun worn suns above is any one has any suggestions let me know?   

So that's my sun collection but tomorrow I will be going to Joann's and I think I will get a new sun.

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Have a Happy Summer Day  

Monday, July 9, 2012

Our 24th Anniversary and Old Sacramento

It's our Anniversary today 24 Years! I can't believe it, where has the time gone...
I can't wait until next year, we are planing on taking a cruise to Alaska, maybe. 

Steve and I live in a rather small town in a neighboring Placer County right next door to Sacramento County, so it's always fun to go to Sacramento especially Old Sacramento. Today was our 24th Anniversary so went to our favorite Seafood Restaurant, Joe's Crab Shack.
Old Sacramento is a fun place to go and in my opinion it's about the only place to go in Sacramento except the State Capital. 
But we live halfway between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe so no matter which direction we go there is someplace fun. South is Los Angeles about an 8 hour drive or so and further north Oregon about 6 hours or so.
The winters are cold the summers are very hot into the 100's and upper 90's from July through August and even into September and October it can be very warm. I do hate that very much.
I much prefer spring weather and our falls are not cool.
I have been to Old Sacramento so many times, but today I wanted to focus on the architecture, so I photographed that today.
I took a lot of mini videos and put them together for one cute video. If you watch it you can say you've nearly been to Old Sacramento. What will you see in the video, well you will see dancing waitresses, Sacramento River, a Mime, an Indian playing the flute?, a bum playing the flute, a horse and buggy, Steve and me and some of old Sacramento. Very cool!

Old Sacramento from katwhite on Vimeo.

Joe's Crab Shack
Lunch I had some of the one on the right, crab cakes and shrimp and fish and chips, brought a lot of it home.  
Blinded by the sun 
That's my car! not really....

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Until next time have a great week!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Friday! Felt Flowers and More Shiny Vases

I have been busy this week getting things ready for Birthday Gifts. I cut a bunch of felt flowers from felt to make for the vases. 

Here is the pile and stack of cut but unfinished felt flowers. I really am obsessed with flowers and birds.

I did find the vase I wanted at Target near my sons house but they wanted $25.00 for it. At my Target, (Yes Mine!) LOL it was $19.99. Well I said forget I don't need it so Steve and I left the store and went to watch the movie People like Us, it was a cute movie. Michelle Pfeiffer was in the movie and I like her. 

The next day I had to go shopping for some things at my Target, and I just happen to look down over in the area where the vases are and I saw the vase I wanted and the price was $19.99, my Target charges less. I was surprised they had them nearly on the floor at the bottom of the shelf. Whatever! I bought it this time and a smaller one, so now I have all three sizes. The smaller one was $9.00 or something like that.
When I went to pay for my purchases I asked the sales associate why things are cheaper at this Target, she didn't really know but said many things were cheaper there. The only reason I can think of is that we are all alone out here without any stores really to shop at in our city. We have to drive to the bigger cities to shop. In any event I was happy with the cheaper price. Now watch since they are on the bottom shelf next week they will be a lot cheaper and be on clearance.  

 I was mistaken about the size this one is actually the largest one and the one that was $25.00 at the Target near my sons house and $19.99 at my city.
 I bought the baby one as well now I have all three, time for a new photo.
Here is a cute card I just made it is a bit busy but I like it a lot. I spent a lot of time on this card. 
My cards on Etsy.

I made a one of kind Crystal Suncatcher it's called the Sunny Go;den Shadow Rainbow Twist

The ice cream was very good here is a video of it being made in the Kitchenaide. I love the attachment it is fast and easy and delicious the best ice cream we ever ate. Yummy! Steve's test results have not come back yet, but we are expecting them early next week. Have a great weekend. Pin It