Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Friday! Felt Flowers and More Shiny Vases

I have been busy this week getting things ready for Birthday Gifts. I cut a bunch of felt flowers from felt to make for the vases. 

Here is the pile and stack of cut but unfinished felt flowers. I really am obsessed with flowers and birds.

I did find the vase I wanted at Target near my sons house but they wanted $25.00 for it. At my Target, (Yes Mine!) LOL it was $19.99. Well I said forget I don't need it so Steve and I left the store and went to watch the movie People like Us, it was a cute movie. Michelle Pfeiffer was in the movie and I like her. 

The next day I had to go shopping for some things at my Target, and I just happen to look down over in the area where the vases are and I saw the vase I wanted and the price was $19.99, my Target charges less. I was surprised they had them nearly on the floor at the bottom of the shelf. Whatever! I bought it this time and a smaller one, so now I have all three sizes. The smaller one was $9.00 or something like that.
When I went to pay for my purchases I asked the sales associate why things are cheaper at this Target, she didn't really know but said many things were cheaper there. The only reason I can think of is that we are all alone out here without any stores really to shop at in our city. We have to drive to the bigger cities to shop. In any event I was happy with the cheaper price. Now watch since they are on the bottom shelf next week they will be a lot cheaper and be on clearance.  

 I was mistaken about the size this one is actually the largest one and the one that was $25.00 at the Target near my sons house and $19.99 at my city.
 I bought the baby one as well now I have all three, time for a new photo.
Here is a cute card I just made it is a bit busy but I like it a lot. I spent a lot of time on this card. 
My cards on Etsy.

I made a one of kind Crystal Suncatcher it's called the Sunny Go;den Shadow Rainbow Twist

The ice cream was very good here is a video of it being made in the Kitchenaide. I love the attachment it is fast and easy and delicious the best ice cream we ever ate. Yummy! Steve's test results have not come back yet, but we are expecting them early next week. Have a great weekend. Pin It


  1. Wow that surprises me that the vases were different prices, good thing you waited...
    your card is a very pretty summer time card!

  2. I thought all Targets were the same price...guess I'll look twice next time!

  3. I love your card!The homemade ice cream looks very yummy!


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat