Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Backyard Suns Collection

I love suns and have then placed strategically along the fence and on the patio under our cover, every time I go outside they make me happy.  
I have even made a cute Crystal Suncatcher Sun, see them here. These are my favorite suncatchers.
These are crystal suncatchers I sell at my online shop.

Okay on to my backyard sun collection.

My newest sun a copper sundial sun under the patio cover bought for me by my husband and the Home Depot this year.

My first sun

My Second Sun a Rustic Sun

Here is where my first two sun hang on the fence near out frog fountain

     Beautiful Copper Sun Gift From One of My Kids

A sun I bought

This is a huge sun and needs to be repainted. It was purchased for me by my kids.

  Another big sun purchased by my kids It also needs to be repainted.

A Moon Sun. love this one it is decorating my patio under our patio cover

Another sun under our patio cover that decorates the patio

   A sun wind chime that decorates my patio under the cover

Hanging from the tree a Cute Apple Birdhouse, also needs to be repainted.

 A pear birdhouse hanging from the tree also needs repainting.

I love these owls also we have several living in the large pines and Oak Trees 

I have to figure out what kind of paint to paint on metal to spruce up the sun worn suns above is any one has any suggestions let me know?   

So that's my sun collection but tomorrow I will be going to Joann's and I think I will get a new sun.

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Have a Happy Summer Day  


  1. I love your suns collection!! So pretty!!

  2. Neat collection you have, my husband would love this he is into the sun stuff too!

  3. Great collection. All of them make me smile. I love that wagon in your last picture. Have a good weekend. laurie


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat