Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nature is the Art of God

How is everyone doing this very hot hot summer? We've had so many fires and since we live in the Sacramento valley the smoke all settles there and therefore here. The fires are from all over northern CA and we seem to get the bad air and smoke. It's the pits!!!
Sneezing, headaches, itchy skin and eyes and for me vertigo and tonsil problems is all part of the fun. I have vertigo all the time, but it was better last year but again I have back now.

Update on Midnight ---- I have not seen her at all. I don't know if that is good or bad.

I have been learning to stamp on metal since last fall. I have not been doing it as much as I would have liked because of my daughter having the baby last year, but he is 1 year old as of Sunday. So Happy Birthday to Rylan.

He really likes this batman ride that my son and DIL bought him.

Mixed together or alone they look fab!
I used a garden theme and sayings for these, tell me what you think of them???

The one with the light orange flower is made of felt, my felt flowers, it will be cute for fall/autumn and says "Bless My Bloomers"

The first bracelet closest to my hand is made with Vintage Bead Caps and rivets and says "Gather Seeds of Love"

The last one the furthest from my hand is made with flower bead caps and rivets and says "Nature is the art of God"

Practice makes perfect with hand stamping and it's not as easy as it looks, definitely a learning curve that I hope to accomplish as I go forward. I have been purchasing the supplies to do this for a year. It's a big investment all at once. I never knew how many tools I would need to use and learn to use. I love that!! 

 a bit of a vintage feel and look to this brass hand stamped bangle bracelet in copper

I love taking photos of all the angles, this one has the look of old but it's not, I like that it is brass

This one is obviously silver with a orange felt flower and a Swarovski Crystal Stud in the center

cute, cute, cute,

I am finally into the 21st century technology and broke down and purchased a smart phone. I bought a Samsung Galaxy S III, it's awesome...I love it. 

I am going to hand stamping this week like crazy because I am going to sell some bracelet bangles I have made, this is just a few of the styles I have made so far.

I have not been blogging as much as I would like to or I could show more things I have made lately, like paper beads and more cards. I don't craft everyday but I guess it must seem like it. :)

Perhaps when I come back again I will have photos to post of our trip to San Francisco again and Half Moon Bay with a lighthouse. We are getting ready to take a little 2 hour drive into San Fran. 

Have an Awesome Week

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Miss Her So Much!

I have not felt like blogging at all. First off I had to give Midnight to her owners. They were not caring for her but wanted her back. I had contacted the Placer County Cruelty to Animals Humane Society and they came to look at her, I was not going to give her back without contacting someone about this situation. They wanted to take her and care for her and find her a good home. I really wanted her myself, but they would not let me just take her that way, you have to adopt them. Anyway I told the guy that came out the whole story about the cat Midnight and showed him photos of what she looked like the day I found her at my door step starving and thirsty. He did not want to return the cat to the owners but there was an adult home so he had to give them the cat. He talked to them quite awhile. After he left I went to talk to their teenager daughter and told her she really needs to care for this cat, it's her cat apparently and she said they were, but they were not, I talked to her quite awhile and she told me so many lies that were outrages. It's a whole long story but I was sad and stressed and felt sick to my stomach over this whole thing. I still cry when I see Midnights photos or think of her and sadly I can see the owner house from my front window. I have not seen Midnight. I am so worried about her but I have done all I can. I got her back as healthy as I could, but she still was skin and bones and needed to see a vet. I gave Victoria a coupon for a vet, I hope she took Midnight there she had horrible scabs and awful pads on her feet and she was so itchy all the time. It was terrible. I had wanted to keep her but Victoria's dad said he wanted the cat it was his child's pet. Victoria told me her dad hates the cat.
This is the last photo I took of her I just cry when I see this, she is such a good and smart cat. A Russian Blue Beauty

It has been hard this week I have my ups and downs.

I have made some new earrings and Crystal Suncatchers I will show them off today.
  Violet Flower Drops $19.00 Sterling Silver Rings and Earwires
Purple Violet Flowers with Silver Bead Caps and Czech Beads

 Autumn Splendor Sterling Silver Rings and Earwires $20.00
Swarovski Crystals and Black and Orange Flowers
Mint Garden Sterling Silver Rings and Earwires $20.00
Swarovski Crystals, Czech Beads with Czech Flowers in Mint Green and Pink

English Garden Sterling Silver Rings and Earwires $20.00
Czech Beads and Leafs in Pink and Green

Some really pretty cluster suncatcher that you can hang in your car or home

Angel Lily

So when I am deep in thought and sad I get to work making things. I do that when I am happy as well, but I love to do it when things are bothering me it keeps me from thinking of unpleasant thoughts and therefore makes me feel happier. 
It's very hot here, I hope it cools off I am not liking this 105 and more degree weather. 
Saturday is Rylan's 1 year birthday party. Time sure flew by.
Have a nice day! 

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Neighbor Abandons Green Eyed Russian Blue Cat

It's been a very stressful weekend for me and tearful morning. 
Lets start from the beginning...............
On Saturday evening my husband and I had returned from Sacramento visiting my daughter and my grandson Rylan. We had gone to dinner with my mom and her to Marie Callender's and had some dinner and pie. It was nice. That was the end of my nice weekend.
Steve and I had just settled in after returning home and were about to watch a movie he rented from Redbox when I heard a cat meowing at the front door. I opened the door and initially I did not see any cat, so I walked a few feet out from the porch and there was a very skinny grey cat, I snapped my fingers and she came right to me. I checked her out to see if she was okay and I could see she was so boney and she was very hungry, it was also hot and  I knew she must also be very thirsty.

Her name is Midnight

So I had Steve go get some food and water for her so she would not run off. We fed her and the next morning I walked out the front door to see if the cat was out there or went home or whatever was going on with the cat. She ran right to me when I again snapped my fingers. I fed her again and she ate several bowls full of about 1/4 cups of food within one hour.
At this point I could tell she was not lost but abandoned. I had thought perhaps someone  had walked away from all these foreclosed homes had left their cat behind. 
Steve said he had seen the cat for several weeks and thought it to be our neighbor on the corners cat. We talked and while talking I realized I had not seen the healthy grey cat lately that used to be. 
Yesterday I scooped the grey cat up and carried her in the backyard and put her under our patio cover and put her in our doggy play pen which is really just a safety pen.  
I set up the carrier in there and water and food for her until I could figure out what is going on with her. I just want her to be safe and cared for. Her skin has scabs and her paws are worn and her nail as jagged, she was starving and thirsty and seemed tired yet calm.
I washed down her fur with some cat shampoo that you can put on the cat without giving them an actual bath. I rubbed off some of the dried scabs from under her fur. I go out to check on her a lot throughout the day and let her out of the playyard but she just rolls on the ground. She is really really sweet and and uses her cat box.
This morning my other neighbor found out I had the cat and called me and told me her step daughter says that cat is the man across the streets cat. But I am not sure because I can't imagine a father starving a cat in front of his children. His wife and him are divorced, but I see the kids there a few days a week.
A little while ago my neighbors teenage daughter came over to look at the cat and confirmed it was truly his cat. It's just appalling to me and I have been so depressed over this because I cannot keep the cat. My cat is 12 and I have to Chihuahua's I really have all I can handle and truly I do not know how my cat will react to another cat as well as one of my chi's is a little aggressive and I have to monitor her behavior all the time.

this photo was taken with my camera phone
This photo was taken with my camera phone.

As you can imagine I am trying to find a no kill cat shelter to put her in for adoption. She needs to be seen by a vet and get her shots. Unfortunately I do not have the funds to pay for a big vet bill of hundreds of dollars at this time, things have been tight this year for us this year.
I am going to contact some low cost or free clinics for shots and see what I can find. I have searched the Internet a lot today and spoke to so many people. As you can expect the cat shelters are full. I am so stressed out and I didn't sleep well last night.

Please pray for Midnight she deserves a good home.

Have a great week. ~Kat

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