Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beautiful Wool Felt Flower Bouquets

This is for sale on Etsy Fall Flower Bouquet with Vase

For Sale on Etsy as well

September equinox is nine days away, and with it the end of summer equinox marks the start of fall (autumn). Also notable in September is the Jewish New Year, with Rosh Hashanah running from 16th to 18th September.

Since I love flowers so much I found some cute flower meanings I had posted them earlier this year but looked through my blog and found them and decided to post them again.

I found a list of meanings for some flowers, but daffodils were not included in the list so I did a research online for those. Daffodils are my favorite flower besides roses and Lilies. 
Narcissus - Daffodil - happiness new beginnings -Joy- 
But according to this link Daffodils meaning is chivalry
But yet again according to this page Daffodils meaning is Regard, Unrequited Love, You're the Only One. And yet more Daffodil Meanings - Eternal life. Associated with the tenth wedding anniversary. Also the birth flower for March and the national symbol of Wales.
Well my favorite flower has a lot of meanings.

~Other Flower Meanings~
Click on each flower name to view the flower

Allium - Unity - Humility - Patience (this is such an interesting flower)
 Cosmos - Harmony - Peace
Dogwood, Cornus - Durability 
Jasmine, Jasminum Grace - Elegance - Modesty
Lilac, Syringa, First Love
Lily, Lilium, birth - hope
Lily of the Valley, Convallaria, Return of Happiness - Humility
Pimpernel, anagallis -  Change
Poppy, papaveraceae, Pleasure
Rose, Rosa - Love - Simpliciy - Happiness
Violet, viola - Affection - Watchfulness - Love  
Yellow Tulip, tulipa - There is sunshine in your smile 

I should be getting in the mood to bake soon but it is hot by day and cool by night. Perhaps I should bake at night. Although lately I am trying to stay away from the sugary sweets. 
Awhile back I came across a great book called Eat Clean by Tuscan Reno I have adapted much of what I have read from her book into my diet. I have to admit that it is hard to eat clean all the time, but I am committed to trying.  
I hate having my photo taken anymore because I feel so fat and so old. I would really like to look like Tuscan Reno she is the same age as I. I guess I need to get my butt in gear and work out!
Until next time take care ~Kat

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  1. Wow Kat ... I can almost smell those flowers! You have certainly mastered the technique.

  2. The flowers are really cute Kat. Hope Edee is doing better. I have actually cut the entire tip of my finger off before and re secured it myself! Probably not good to recommend. I seem to slice into my finger tips every year or so. A good way to stop bleeding is to cover it with table sugar. It will clot the blood. I have one Tasha's books,I hope you incorporate it successfully. The Suznne Somers diet Somersizing is the only way of eating that has caused me to lose weight and feel good. Have a good week.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting:) I hope your finger is better:) Your felt flowers look fabulous(say that five times fast:))! I too need to get moving...too much computer/baking time!

  4. Sorry to hear you've had some bad luck going on, I hope you are feeling much better now :-) How is your dog?
    I love the Eat clean diet! I have most of her books. You look great :-)
    Hope you have a great weekend!


  5. Oh wow you have been very busy, your flowers are gorgeous, so sorry to hear you have had a rough week, and especially about cutting your finger open.
    I would say that you are looking great!!

  6. Hi Kat, hope your finger is doing well and your headaches too. Hope Edee is ok too.
    I am with you on this hot weather. It has really lasted long. Are you drinking a lot of water? I find that I get headaches when I am in need of water. I am working on crafts too for Christmas gifts. I am also working on my website. Yes I still have the whole site with all the graphics and some of them are yours. I have tons of pages listed at my site map. I know there are not too many people left with actual site, but as long as I like it, I am good. Have a nice week. Hugs

  7. Hi Kat,
    You look fabulous, but we can sure be our own worst critics (I think most of us are guilty of that sometimes) :O). Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well and I do hope your finger feels better soon. Your flower projects are quite lovely! Hope Edee is feeling all better now. Have a great week and weekend. Lots of hugs

  8. Absolutely beautiful, so colorful! I wish I could do that.


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat