Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Crochet Bracelets, Earrings

Part of my purpose for having this blog is a place to display my hand crafts and photos which are two of my favorite hobbies. 

Today I wanted to post some handmade jewelry I have been working on these past weeks, well mostly the past week. Check out this link for my hand stamped Jewelry. 

Crochet Cuff Bracelets, Hand Stamped Jewelry and Earrings and a new Crystal Angel Suncatcher to add to my crystal angel collection.

  This is only partial view but you can see it completely here. 

Here are the interesting and cute crochet cuffs, The cuffs are crocheted with three strands of thread at once which makes it nice and thick.

 This button is not my cup of tea, but my daughter loves these skulls and tattoo's! I am not a  fan of tattoo's on females. You can find these for sale @ my Etsy Shop for $12.75  This one is cute for Fall don't you think? it's peach, light orange and black.

 Garden theme crochet cuff with silver button, colors in the cuff are light orange, peach, pink, violet, green and brown. You can find it @ my Etsy Shop here for $13.75 

 This one has nice picot edging and a pretty silver Victorian Lady Silver Button, the cuff is pinks, violets, green, peach. You can find it @ my Etsy Shop here. It is $14.75

 Fall Garden Cluster Earrings, these are $13.00 it's hard to photograph these.

 Fall Garden Clusters 2 $13.00

Aren't these cute crochet rings which I turned into earrings. I have only made 3 pairs so far, and have only two pair photographed.

Cute Crochet Rings

 I love this color of blue so bright and pretty crochet ring earrings $10.25
Green Crochet Earrings - Love this green and so popular right now $10.25
Violet girls always love this color $10.25
Hot Pink always a great color $10.25
Soft Pink, my favorite as well as the blue and the green...but I like all colors $10.25
Crochet Black Cat Earrings $10.25
Orange Crochet Earrings...perfect for fall $10.25

All Earrings shown hang about 2". 

If you are interested in any of my Jewelry you can send me an email here

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  1. such neat projects, boy have you been busy this week, my fav is the crystal and earrings!


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