Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

The last day of October is here. My heart and prayers go out to all those that are suffering from Hurricane Sandy which now is just a bad storm and some bad storm was it.

Happy Halloween if you are into that. Are you going to pass out candy this evening? I don't pass out candy anymore, I hate it, when my kids lived at home I made them do it.I love kids, but I just hate being annoyed by answering the door all evening long and listening to the dogs bark excessively.Today I made a few cards, it looks like it will rain so it was a good day to play with paper, ink and glue.

I need a little stamp that says hoot hoot!

For the past month I have been working on making birthstone bracelets, that is one reason why I have been blogging less.

The Beads I used are BeCharmed beads by Swarovski Crystal, they are beautiful. They are European style beads like Pandora, Chamillia, Biagi, and Troll. If you would like to look at the jewelry I made here is a link

Swarovski Crystal Star and Rhinestone bracelet with Bola Black Leather I like this because I can adjust it snug.

Swarovski Crystal Star, Rhinestone Pandora Style Bracelet with Sterling Silver Bracelet

This one is a Cat's Eye Bracelet 

BeCharmed Crystal with Rhinestones by Swarovski Crystal

This Mother's Bracelet was born out of the idea above for Birthstone Bracelets using Pandora Style Beads using Swarovski Crystal BeCharmed Beads.

This bracelet idea was also born out of the idea above for Birthstone Bracelets as well, I just took this idea with the colors of beads I had to make this Patriotic Bead Bracelet using the BeCharmed Beads, so cute!

Okay so that was a walk through my world this past month. I am still working on them to put up each month for each design, not including the Mother's Bracelet, or the Patriotic Bracelet.

I never got to try the India food but I am going with my friend tomorrow to try it, it will be good to see her again.
My daughter had come to visit again and didn't want the India food so we had Mexican instead. Mexican for me is fish tacos. 

In a few weeks Steve and I are going to take a few days and go up to Fort Bragg California for a drive and then head south towards San Francisco, we are going way out of our way up to Fort Bragg just so we can take a long drive along HWY 1 to photograph bridges and lighthouses. I guess I will be able to make a coffee table book someday. LOL! I have cataloged and taken a lot of bridge photos and lighthouses since 2000.

We've taken this same route before for the same reason it was early October 2001 less than a month after 9-11. I will never forget the mood for us and the country then. Hopefully this will be a better memory for us. This will be another budget trip for us. We spend most of the money on gas, lodging and food and don't buy anything else we don't need. We don't need much and it does not take much to make us happy, just some great sea air and beautiful scenery out of God's breath.

I lost my whole post apparently problems with Blogger so I had to copy and paste from what I had left and the font is all wonky even though I have tried to fix it.

I hope you all have a Happy Halloween!

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  1. cute cards, yes I hand out candy still, although like you said listening to Peanut bark everytime I get up to answer the door gets old real quick, but it is only for 2 hours so I put up with it.
    Love your bracelets, especially the first couple ones, just gorgeous!!
    Enjoy your day away

  2. Hi Kat! my gosh have you been busy, these braclets are beautiful and I love the cat's eye blue one... that stone is so pretty :o) Thank you for stopping by to visit, I always enjoy your comments! Have a nice Sunday friend! hugs Jennifer

  3. Hi Kat,
    Here I go for a second time. Blogger has been slow and she shutting down while I am trying to comment :( I am with you on the giving out of candy. I make sure I am not home lol I go to the kids house and let them give it out. Very pretty jewelery Kat! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and your trip to Ft Bragg sounds fun! Hugs, Dru

  4. Hi Kat! Wow, seems like people are having issues with blogger so I'll copy as I go along. We are lucky that we don't get trick-or-treaters because we're at the top of a hill. Too lazy to come up! LOL! We still buy candy just in case but buy what we like. I've always liked those Pandora style beads. Have fun on your lighthouse tour. We're going down to San Diego area for a few days later in the month. (((Hugz)))

  5. Hi Kat!
    Was so good to see your comment at my blog. Glad you're keeping busy. Your cards are adorable and the bracelets are gorgeous! You're a natural with creating such pretty jewelry. I am exactly the same about handing out candy on Halloween. I do love Halloween, but we don't had out candy anymore, mainly for the same reasons... Belle is fairly small, but her bark is HUGE. Very irritating on Halloween night, lol. Wishing you a wonderful Monday. ((hugs))

  6. Jewelry is beautiful! Can't wait to see pictures from your trip!!
    Have a great week!


  7. Sweet tags!Love the beautiful bracelets!

  8. Kat, I really like your card, & love your jewelry! You are very talented, & it's beautiful. I hate handing out candy too. Sad thing is, some very big kids come - teenagers, & they are the size of adults. It's frightening to open the door to masked 'children' that big. Especially in these days. Thank you for stopping by my blog. It's good to be back in touch. Hugs!


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat