Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013!

"Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel," which is translated, "God with us." 
Matthew 1:23

My mom and I finally got her husband into a memory care home Praise the Lord, it has been so difficult for her, it's a little miracle and her best Christmas present. She misses him but he was to much to handle falling all the time and acting up. It's for the best. It's been so stressful these past months, but God is good and faithful and now we can relax a bit and enjoy the holidays. I can enjoy the less stress this has put on me. And my mom can enjoy the less stress this has been on her. Merry Christmas Mom I love you!

I've been busy with my shops, but wanted to let everyone know I wish them a very Merry Merry Christmas. 

I made this snowflake for my mom using snowflake frames I got. I put together, one made with Swarovski Crystals in the front and in the back seed beads.

Merry Christmas family and Friends!

Hugs from Kat

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Holiday's are Upon Us! Quilts and More! Merry Christmas to All!

Hello Dear Friends, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I have been so busy with my crystal sun catchers and jewelry sales for the holidays that I have not been able to post. Also my husband and I have had a bad cold that has lasted over a week, nearly two. We had our flu shots before we got this flu/cold whatever it is.

I am done with my quilts! Yay!

We got a small 5' tree this year, that poor star won't stay strait no matter what I do. I used a twist tie finally but still not strait. 

Some Christmas Decorating around the house and on the patio

In the above photo the leaves were on the tree in a bit over  a week they were all gone!

Here I am holding up my Christmas Quilt.

panel that says "24 days we prepare for his birth...of tiny baby Jesus to come to this earth. Advent is celebrated for we know it will bring...The blessed arrival of our God and King!"

tags that were stitched on the cream part of the quilt by the panel

Snuggling in the Christmas Quilt

Jelly Roll Quilt

this is my daughter's quilt for Christmas

Bali Pops Sewn Modern Style Quilt Sewn Before Quilted.

Quilted and done, quilt for daughter in law

Tabitha enjoying some snuggly time on my bed quilt

Newest sewing project started earlier in the fall.

The grands jamming away! funny when Morgan graduates from High School, Rylan will start kindergarten.

Check out my last post on a how to with Washi Tape Collage Photo Frame for Art or Photos.

Merry Christmas All.

Hugs from ~Kat

Washi Tape Collage Frame for Art or photos "How To"

It's craft day, do you need something cute for a last minute gift idea? try this, I made this in a few hours with drying time.
You only need a few things to make this, It is a collage frame. I used Washi Tape, Modge Podge Mat-Antique it is a water base sealer, glue and finish. You will also need a frame and your finger or a brush.
It's all you have to do after you have gathered your supplies is to start wrapping the frame with the Washi tape, be sure if your frame is not flat in the back you cover only the flat part so you can put the glass back in when you are done so it does not break. Start wrapping from the back not the front of the frame. You can use one color or do a collage like I did. Don't worry if everything is not perfect, it's not suppose to look perfect it is a collage. Try to smooth out some of the parts that are not laying flat, do this as you go along and then again when you are finished. After you are finished wrapping your frame use your fingers like I do or a brush and brush on the Mod Podge all over the front, when that dries do the back and as you are adding the Mod Podge continue to smooth out any bumpy areas. After that dries, about an hour or so, if it is not to cold where you are, then do the back. When it dries add your glass back,add your photo and walla you have a pretty collage frame for your art or photo. Let me know if you like this idea and if you try it?

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I think it's pretty cute!

What do you think.

Have a wonderful day!


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Veteran's Day Drive

How is everyone? I think I am feeling a little better....but it's so dry and my allergies are just so awful this year. I feel so tired all the time. It's a miserable thing.

We took a little drive to Nevada City California on Veteran's day and then drove through the mountains. It got us out of the house for about 5 hours. Just took some walks and had a nice lunch with my sweetie.

Here I am at the top of a mountain in Tahoe National Park

Nevada City on Veteran's Day

Old Church in Nevada City

Old Firehouse in Nevada City

I didn't work on a quilt last week, I took a break. Today I started a new quilt one for my daughter. I have one more to do after that for Christmas, I am on tract to finish them both! yay!

I had the pleasure of making a few gorgeous bracelets for my neighbor, I had these on my old website Krystal Kat's but when I moved to a new shop I didn't move these, I am going to post these back they are the cutest. I also have some heart shaped ones as well. Darling!!! I need to get them back up on my site. In any event I did manage to add them to my Etsy Shop. It's really hard keeping up with three places to sell my stuff, Etsy, my website and Artfire. But you got to do what you got to do to sell your craft!

Sterling Silver Square Beaded Birthstone Family Custom Bracelet with larger 8mm beads and Swarovski Crystal Pearls.

Sterling Silver Square Beaded Birthstone Family Custom Bracelet with 6mm Swarovski Crystal Beads and Swarovski Crystal Pearls.

Okay now have a great week! ~Kat

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Little Under the Weather

This past week I was not feeling at my best, whatever my best is! LOL!
That is why I was not able to visit blog buddies. So sorry I missed my weekly go rounds.
Anyway I had a horrid tooth pain that came on in the middle of the night earlier in the week and the next morning I called the Dentist and he got me in at 3. I was in so much pain it was a 10 and I did cry. It was awful. Come to find out I had a split root, the tooth could not be saved. I was shocked and sad. But thankfully it was the very last molar on the top. I thought the dentist could save all teeth one way or another. Well while he pulled it out it exposed my sinus and then I was sent home to recuperate with 3 medications. Pain Med, Penicillin, and a nasal decongestant medication.  
I am recuperating, but I also have had bad bad allergies.

Steve and I talk about selling the house next year and renting until he can find a job in Oregon, the weather is better for me there and we love it there.

This week, just yesterday I finished my Hexagon quilt for my granddaughter Morgan (Image Missing.) 
The backing is the red fabric. I quilted lines through the hexes and diamonds through the diamonds and it made the back look so pretty with the diamonds showing on the red fabric as quilted. I am saying I am in love with this hexie quilt.  The sides were done zigzag instead of me cutting them strait off. So this made for a two evening hand sewing go around of the quilt doing all the zigs and zags, it was a lot of work. 

I am working on this one still it looks the same as last week except I sewed the Ohio star together, it just needs the trim and then I will quilt it this week and another quilt done. Yay!

My pets were fun and helpful this week.
Edee my sweet little Pumpkin

Here she is wearing a cute bow

And Effie wanting to get in the new quilt when I was trying to quilt it on my lap. She was so jealous.

She finally decided to hop right on it and make it difficult for me to stitch around the border. 

I posted a wonderful idea I think to my sun catcher site this week called 4 Season's Suncatcher Crystal Suncatcher Gift Pack. It's a crystal sun catcher for all the season's that would make a great Christmas Gift. You should check it out even if you don't want purchase anything, I just love the idea of it and made special gift wrap for it with handmade crafted Poinsettia flowers. So cute.

This is only one option, but I have more options. 

Probably better change the photo to only red gift tags or brownish color, blue does not fit!

Have a wonderful week!


Monday, October 28, 2013

Still Quilting the Hexagon Quilt, Started Ohio Star Quilt

The weather has taken a turn finally from the 80's into the 60's just like that! the wind and all the Fall weather has really stirred up my allergies so I have been really sick the past few days.
The nights have been in the 40's and it's been quite chilly at night.
Last week I was so busy I had hardly zero time to work on any quilting. My daughter had a Medical procedure, she is fine. One day my sewing machine went crazy and it was an a short in the pedal and had to buy a new one for $80.00. Now all is well. I also went to visit a friend so lots of business last week. Time to get back on track and get the quilting done.

I started Morgan's Hexagon quilt, I meaning quilting the top. I just need to do in the triangles now, bind it and then it is done. I love it, it feels so snuggly. Perfect quilt for a teenager.

I will have some full size finished photos next week.

Friday night I started the Ohio Star Quilt, this one is for my mom, made with a Jelly roll and cream colored fabric with sunflowers on it, well lightly stamped, it is batik fabric, it her favorite colors, purple, purple, purple!

I had to lay it out on the floor, or I will never get it together correctly.

I can imagine I will sew one piece go back and get the next and go from there, notice each pieces meets in the center for a pattern to take place.

Well I better get busy today, I have a lot of sun catcher orders and then it's time to get some quilting done!
These are all Christmas gifts I am getting worried I am running out of time as we get ever so close to November!

Have a great week!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy SoNdAy! Quilting Continues

Revelation 3:20
Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.

The weather has been warm in the afternoons this past week 80 degrees and in the 40's at night brr! it's hard to believe that temps can jump that far and cool down that much. We are 10 degrees warmer than usual this time of year. I was hoping for a cool fall. The leaves are not in their normal beauty either this year. 

I have started on my next quilt last Monday a beautiful Hexagon quilt. Today is one week since I finished the last quilt. This one is much more time consuming and a lot of cutting and accuracy going on here.
I should have the top quilted by tomorrow or later today, if I am really a go getter today. I was trying to make it the way the pattern had shown it, but right from the get go I messed up the pattern, the hexagons were suppose to be over the triangles. I swear I have dyslexia, I have a super big problem following shape patterns. Well I had dyslexia characteristics as a child but many of them I have grown out of, but still some of them exist even to this day. I believe my dad had dyslexia and he was a super smart man.
I have always been kind of embarrassed about this, but the older I get the less I get embarrassed about things. It is what it is...

Here are the first three rows. I decided instead of pulling out my three rows I would leave it that way, because once again there are no mistakes in art! My husband was the one that told me I had it wrong, he said remember how I help lay it out for you on the floor?
Yes I had help laying it out, my adorable and sweet husband helped me lay out the pattern.
I think I need one of those design boards that would help me a lot but there is no place to put one in my room. 
Steve helping me with the design.
Now I knew what the design was of course but I was laying it out all wrong and he noticed so he jumped in to help to me.
I love these fabrics they are so sweet, the main theme is cherries but I went through and pulled out a lot of scraps to mix in with the cherries for a cheery quilt with lots of interest, it's for a teenager so I choose fabrics I thought she would love. She loves flowers and Cherries. I think this will be a great gift for her for Christmas. 
Though my work is not perfect yet, I am hopeful it will be soon!
I cut out 200 plus hexagons by hand
Then I needed the small triangles, I said ugg forget it and ordered the Accuquilt triangles quilt die. It came in two days and I had the triangles cut out in 20 minutes, over 200 of them. The hexagons took me over 6 hours to cut.
I bought that quilting die as well. 
 I cut them in my Sizzix Big Shot Pro (LOVE THIS THING)
I also bought not only the triangles but the matching Hexagon quilt die, both have three sizes, so I can make lots of hexagon quilts a lot faster. So much easier on the back too when you can cut them so quickly and accurately.
This was suppose to be the way I was to sew it in that pattern with the triangles between the hexagons and the hexagons under the triangles. 
I was a bit disappointed at first I didn't do this pattern, but now I am quite happy with the way I am doing MY pattern. 

This morning I had three little sweet hummingbirds waiting for me to arise, they were waiting for their nectar, I has forgotten about my lovelies last night.
This photo is not great, in the morning it is hard to get good photos under the eve of the patio cover.

Do any of you do Instagram? here is the link to mine.

Have a wonderful and Blessed Week Dear Blogging Friends!