Friday, January 25, 2013

We Love Our Pets

My Sweet Little Edee has had a very bad week. Apparently she has Degenerative Back or Spine not sure exactly what they call it. I am really sad that she has this. I was not aware this was a problem for Chihuahua's. My sweet little Edee (E-D) is a girl and now 8 years old, I cannot believe so much time has passed by. The Vet says she is not at the surgery point yet. I will try to keep her from jumping up onto the couch and such forth but she does it so fast when she is feeling, well like a jack rabbit she is. 

She is feeling much better today. I am so happy about that.

Have a nice day!

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  1. Our dachshund had the same thing I think, she hurt her back really bad jumping off the coach so the vet told us no letting her up on the furniture anymore, she got so bad we had to put her in a kennel so that she could heal and stay quiet, only took her out to go to the bathroom, it was a hard time for me, but I was lucky she can't get up without my help. We thought we were going to have to have her put down but I stuck with her and she recovered. Now she comes and lays next to me in the evening but she has to have my help to get down. Wish you much luck and a long life for your little one


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat