Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shopping & Stuff

Steve is on a fishing trip and staying in a luxury hotel eating wonderful food this whole weekend up in Reno. On Sunday they are going to the super bowl party that is held at the Casino hotel every year. He seems to be having fun catching lots of fish and then throwing them back in the lake. His pop and him are having a contest about who catches the most and biggest fish. 

Today I had lunch with my mom and I went shopping with her. I bought a cute short sleeve sweater top that goes over the top of your dress or top. I don't know what they are called right off the top of my head, I bought a matching purse for it, but I am going to carry this purse all spring and summer long. I don't buy that many purses. This one was expensive since JCPenny does not have the good sales anymore like they used to. I don't find many purses I like, so I did buy this one at $50.00 which is pretty pricey as far as I am concerned for a purse.   

This is the mint green sweater top I got to wear over some of my tops that will look good with it. I have this top and then I can wear it with black or white or other floral tops I might have. 
Here is the cute matching purse.

Pretty good match don't you think?

Next weekend I am planning a picnic with the kids up to Coloma CA about 40 minutes away this is wear they mined for Gold. Steve and I drive up there often and stop there on our way here and there, but we've not been there for a picnic yet and the area is beautiful under the trees. The weather might be 64 degrees there next weekend which is nice weather if it is sunny.

Here is a few photos that were taken in the fall of 2009 on our stop through there on our way home from Placerville the birth place of the painter of light Thomas Kinkade now passed away sadly and we were about the same age. It was interesting to find out things about him that were not public after his passing.

Look at the beautiful park there, it's just gorgeous. I hope the weather holds up for us. Have a wonderful weekend. 


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  1. Love your purse, I bought one at Kohl's, my first costy purse about the same color as yours and it ended up falling apart on my within 2 days, so I took it back and they took it back no questions asked, thank goodness.
    The park looks like a wonderful place to have a picnic and just relax, and sounds like you will have wonderful weather, enjoy!!


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat