Thursday, February 7, 2013

This and That Thursday

Happy Thursday Morning!

My husband was sick after returning from a 3 day fishing trip and Superbowl party in Reno. There is a nice lake near there him and pop like to go to and they stay at the Peppermill where there is a huge Superbowl party each year. To loud and wild for me. My husband thinks it is wild also but he goes with his pop and they enjoy some time together. 

It was very cold on that lake 17 F. on Pyramid Lake in Nevada.

This week I finally gave one of smartphone apps a try it's called "Out of Milk" this is a great app, you should give it a try. You can type your grocery list on there, you will never forget it again and you can also scan items to put on the list, it's a free app. I love it!

You can even cross things off as you put them in your cart and save your list, pretty useful app. 
it does not have to be for groceries it could be for anything.

One of my External hard-drives died, I had a lot of files on there that I cannot retrieve, although I was told to purchase a program and maybe I can extract them from the drive. I will give that a try.

I purchased a different external harddrive with two harddrives on it, it's the WD My Book Live Duo, this thing is awesome. 
Check out that photo above you can share all your files from it to your phone using an app, I love it because i can share my photos on the double hard-drives and from one of the hard-drives i can access my photos via my smartphone, the whole iphoto album! this is just fantastic. You can share in your own personal cloud and access your files while away from home and create a special folder for family and share whole albums with them and give them a special passcode. 
It was a bit pricey but if you have a lot of photos like I do Scenery and Family then it is well worth the $380.00. 
I am going to put my photos online storage also for more protection. I have not lost any photos yet, so I need to get this done, I would just be devastated if I lost my digital photos.

Have a wonderful day!    

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  1. looks like he got a great catch, doesn't it upset you when our computers and hard drives quick working, I keep forgeting to update my saved files every now and then.


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