Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yummy Ice Cream and Other Stuff

So this week it was my son and his family we spent part of Sunday with.
We took them to Leatherby's family creamery for some yummy ice cream.

This is my son Shane being silly getting ready to eat his ice cream. Yes poor kid has curly hair like his mom. Yes I know he is no kid.

I have been on a little diet for about three weeks, I have lost about 6 or 7 lbs.
I went off the diet for one day out of the whole time for some ice-cream we had some banana split. Everyone should have this at least once a year! yummy!

Morgan and her mom share a carmel ice cream, looks good. Morgan also has super curly hair.  

I was talking about in my last post about my grandson having the red hair.
Here is a cute pic I took of the family while we were at Coloma the weekend before. I was thinking about Rylan and his red hair as I mentioned it in my last post. Well Rylan gets his red hair from my family, my mom had ginger red hair until her early 40's then it darkened a bit. My niece has bright red hair and now Rylan has red hair. Kirsten my daughter and Rylan's mom had strawberry blond hair when she was a child it was a gorgeous head of hair. She still has gorgeous hair.
My dads side of the family and my moms both have Scottish and Irish Ancestry.
I just love to research my families Genealogy and have traced several lines back to Scotland, England and Ireland. In many instances I am 4th generation American. In other lines I found that some family has been here since the beginning of our great country. 
Well back to the red hair.     
What's funny is one article talks about how most red heads have fair skin and light eyes...well all the red heads in our family have light skin, but they all have brown eyes.
My mom, my niece Sarah and now Rylan all have brown eyes with the red hair.  
My dad had dark hair and my mom red and my brothers and I all had blond hair and light eyes, my brother's eyes are bright sky blue and I have a mix of green/blue eyes.
I just always think it is interesting about such things. 
The other two kids in the photo are her two step kids, Brandon and Kayla. They both have brown eyes like their dad, Kirsten has green gold cat's eyes. I don't guess she will passing those down unless she has another baby and that baby gets her eye color gene, that would be nice.

Have a great mid week!



  1. Now you got me craving ICE CREAM!!!! that looks so yummy!!!!

  2. Wow that is some great looking Ice cream, I can see why you would have to have a little break from the diet for that.... I am very interested in my family too, we come from Germany, I had super blonde hair until I went into High School and got my first perm, after that my hair started going darker.


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat