Saturday, March 9, 2013

European Style Large Hole Crystal Bracelets - Krystal Kat's

I finished all my themes now for the new Swarovski Crystal Large Hole European Bracelets I have been working on. These beads also fit Pandora bracelets as well as many other popular bracelets. These beads are so beautiful in person. It really is hard to capture the beauty of them in a photo. 

These are pre-made I like that because you can have a theme to go with your wardrobe or favorite color. The beads come off and you can change them around or add them to your other bracelets that fit with the large hole beads. This one is my purple theme Large Hole European Bracelet

I did both European beads and hand stamped a few cute charms, a flower and bird, bird house.  

this one is a bit different than the other large hole beaded bracelets in that I put it on regular beading wire. So now the beads cannot be taken off this and put onto a large hole bracelet because the holes were filled with beads that inset into the bead so you can run a thin regular beading wire through it. I like the way it looks.

More Christian Bracelets

I had moved away from selling to many bracelets the past year, but I am back into it again. Tell me what you think of them?

This is just a few of my new themes.

Have a wonderful Saturday! 


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  1. I have bought a few bracelets and the types of beads in the first bracelet and I really like them, fun putting them together and I like that I can change the beads out, very pretty work!!


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