Saturday, April 27, 2013

Back From Vacation

It's been a busy life...back from Vacation to Canada, Washington State and Oregon, had a birthday, Easter after Easter gathering with the family. Planted a garden and made a fountain, planned a wedding anniversary party for Steve and I, it's going to be year 25 this year. Wew! we are busy....
All my invitations will have mustaches and lips on them. I have already cut everything out just need to make the invites. We are planning a dinner with family and a few friends in Old Sacramento.   

Life has finally returned to normal just this past week. I felt in a funk after all that and seemed to still be running here and there for shopping and outings with the family.

Steve updated my craft room on my birthday

I put all my vacation photos on Flickr we had a lot of photos and visited a lot of lighthouses.
We were in Victoria BC Canada on Easter it was almost 80 degrees, we had a lot of fun that day. That day and then the day we were looking at 5 lighthouses in one day in Oregon was my favorite vacation days. Great memories. We took a ferry to Victoria with our dogs and then a cab into Victoria from the Ferry landing. 

Right now I am woking on my garden a veggie and herb garden.

This last week I was out with a new friend her name is Kat as well, we are so so much alike although she is not crafty but super social. Anyway we went to lunch and to a farmers market where I got these Veggie garden markers made out of ceramic, she sells them on Etsy.
I am going back on Tuesday to get some more for my herb garden.  

I have been working in the yard a lot and have not made any cards. I have been working on as usual my jewelry and suncatchers.

Have a great weekend! I got one post in during the month of April!



  1. welcome back, glad to hear you had a good time, I know it seems to take me some time to get back in the groove and caught back up when away for awhile, pretty bracelets and lovely suncatchers!

  2. Welcome back, sweet friend - you have been missed! I'm so glad you had a lovely time.

    Have a great week.


  3. Hi Kat,
    Welcome back. I will have to look on Flickr for you trip photos. It does take some time to get back in the grove again after a vacation! The birthstone bracelets are very pretty. Hope you have a wonderful day we are heating up down here hot hot hot the next couple of days. Hugs, Dru

  4. Oh, so you left your car and took the ferry? We took our Vanagon camper on the ferry but we had to because we were camping on the beach in Victoria. That was great you had such beautiful weather in Victoria since it's not always that nice this early in the year. I enjoy that whole trip up the coast thru Oregon and Washington! So many lighthouses you must've been in heaven! :) (((Hugz)))


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat