Friday, May 10, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow

Lizards in my Garden

One of my Lizards...yes he is a  big one, I have both male and female they were mating last week so I guess I should see baby lizards soon.

My garden is growing nicely and I think my and I have at least two lizards that are suppose to be good for the garden though some people are afraid of them. If you are afraid of Lizards you would not like my garden, they rustle through the bushes and run past when you least expect it right over my path to the garden. Lizards feed on insects, spiders, grubs, worm. Sounds delicious right....
Right above my garden I have discovered a birds nest, a black birds nest. Yup lucky me! that bird is trying to intimidate me and squawks at me every morning while I am in my garden. Now she apparently does not like me and when I go for a walk to the post box when arrive back to the house she tries to scare me away from my own house! I have tried to let her know I am paying the mortgage here but she won't listen to me.

I have not taken a photo of the black bird yet, but I will try to catch her this week while she is trying to dive at me. I ignore her. I adore birds and I am a sometime avid watcher of them, I love to photograph them, but black birds are not my favorite bird. 

How is your garden? soon I will post updated photos of my garden as it grows.

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  1. I could use a lizard around here to help get rid of some of the grubs around here. The black birds are not my favorite either, they come and just throw all the bird seed out of the feeder and chase the smaller birds away.


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