Friday, May 31, 2013

Paper Wedding Dress Form by Sizzix, Wedding Dress and Tuxedo Craft Dies for Big Shot Pro

First off I changed my theme and lost all my links to blogs I follow. I never had that happen before.

Well summer is almost here and it's almost time for our 25th anniversary party in Old Sacramento. 

 I really am not blogging much these days...but I still love to come on here and visit blog buddies and see what everyone is doing and share one or two things that I am doing as well.

Finished Dress with Swarovski Crystals

Today I made this cute wedding dress that came from a cut out dress form, actually it is from a sizzix die. I bought this one and the Tuxedo one to make for our Anniversary party as table decorations. They are actually treat boxes to decorate. They are pretty exspensive if it were not for a special occasion I would not put out the money to buy them. However they are pro dies, so they are huge. There are a few pro dies I would like to have. I only have just the two, but I like the Octagon one and Dresden shaped ones, that would be wonderful to have those as well to cut out large 5" Octagons for quilting. I never did make a quilt this year like I wanted. Oh well the year is nearly half over so I still have time. My new challenge for this year would be to make a quilt. How easy and fun would it be to make one with Octagons I cut on a Big Shot Pro!

Finished but needed some sparkle, Swarovski to the rescue 

Freshly cut dress ready to be decorated, used my big shot pro a new toy.

Here is the Big Shot Pro Tuxedo that is on the cover of the package. I will make this one next, as you can see it is going to be fun but not as much imagination is required for a Tuxedo. 

Is everyone ready for summer? it is so hot today here in Northern CA. 
I am so sorry for those in Oklahoma how tragic all those tornadoes. It's just such a horrid string of non stop catastrophes. 
I remember when I was 12 or so we went to visit my grandmother when she was living in Missouri and we had to drive through Oklahoma to get to her house. We stayed at a Ramada Inn and I still have the soap from that trip and that Inn and it's in a small cedar box I got where my grandma was living in a small town called Popular Bluff Missouri. I remember the whole trip and  her as if it were yesterday. She made homemade peanut butter cookies that were better than any cookie I had ever tasted. I was introduced to my first orange sherbet pushup. After I had one, that was it I was hooked and I begged my dad each day to get me another one from the little gas station store up the street.
I loved that town and hated to come back home to CA, I wanted to stay with my family and cousins from Ohio, it was a great trip and great time. My grandma was born in Ohio and was living in Missouri because after my grandfather died she remarried.
Each day my grandma hung her clothes on the clothes line and I would watch her, she had an apron with pockets in the apron and in some were the clothespins. 
I bet my granddaughter Morgan has never seen anyone hanging clothes on a clothesline. That almost seems old fashioned now and out dated for sure. But it was the days when they were really green and didn't know it.

I am trying out banners, wanted something to go with the pink car on the upper right of my blog. I found this camper, it's not pink and it's big but it's super cute. Almost perfect. I can customize it. I will have to work on it later. Perhaps make it smaller. I got it from Shabby Blogs she said it can be customized. 

Have a great weekend and stay safe!


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  1. Hi Kat! Congrats on your upcoming 25th anniversary and how nice to have a party. The wedding dress and tuxedo are both really cute! I remember my mom hanging clothes on a line in our yard and I would run through the sheets and it smelled so good. I'm sure my mom appreciated me getting my dirty hands all over the clean sheets! My dad was from Oklahoma so I have nice memories of visiting there when I was small, too. Really friendly people there! Thanks for your concern about my back! (((Hugz)))


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat