Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fun with Garden Fairy Movable Sizzix Die

I got a new die set the Sizzix Garden Fairy Movable Die set by Susan Tierney Cockburn here is her blog and her new website. I already have her book and my daughter and I made flowers using her techniques awhile back and in this blog I posted about them in the paper flowers section.
I could not wait until this came in the mail. It arrived today and I was cutting it and constructing it right away. It's like paper dolls to me. When I was a little girl I loved paper dolls.

Isin't she adorable? well I think so. There are a lot of dies from this set, I did not buy any of the flowers since I already have several, well plenty of flower dies that are 3-D. 

I bought the 3-D bird house 658424, Garden Fairy Die 658420, 658426, 658421 a real splurge for sure!

All the flowers dies are gorgeous but it will be fun to work up my own flowers rather then waste money on all those gorgeous flowers dies in the Garden Fairy Series, when really I can create my own using my flower dies I already have and my McGill Paper punch flowers.
For instance the flower I used on this fairy today is Die-Namics Sunflower.

I can make 2 different fairies with the dies I bought, although with a bit of imagination I can make lots and lots of fairies with lots and lots of different flowers.

Here is how I constructed my movable fairy today, I used all the new dies except the 3-D birdhouse.

To start I cut my paper using Graphic 45 Secret Garden and I used a plain color of paper to stamp onto for her face and colored in her hair and face using copic markers.

I used thin chipboard and die cut that also. After I got the fairy colored, I glued her stamped clothes (top) onto the plain colored paper that is also what her head and neck is made from. I should have photographed that step.

Here I put on her legs using brads and then I distressed the paper on the edges.

I added her arms and glued on her fairy socks/shoes and distressed some more.

The backside of the fairy image that I had stamped I put two dots using a marker so I would know where to punch two tiny holes to put brads in.

Later I fixed her legs when I realized they were on wrong and added more leaves for a skirt.

There now she is coming together here even added her fairy wings. She is just pieced together onto the chipboard. I cut out both chipboard and Secret Garden paper using the same dies and then just glued the paper over the chipboard. The chipboard is nice because it is somewhat sturdy and I can hang her somewhere or put her on packages as decorations.

Now I made the sunflower and glued all those pieces together, and here in this photo she is all finished, except I put flower soft in the center of the flower which is shown in the very first photo of this at the top. It's black flower soft in the center of the sunflower. Later I realized I had her legs on wrong and fixed them. LOL!

 It took me three hours to make her with the cutting out the pieces using my big shot pro die cutting machine and Genius die cutting plates for the frame lets. It was fun. I want to make the next one and next and next and so on.........

You will see more of these fairies and the 3-D birdhouses soon I hope. Check out the tutorial for it here at this link. Also Susan Teirney Cockburn will teach you how to make her flowers in these YouTube Videos,  Make a paper flower tutorial

It was 103 degrees today here, I am not ready for hot weather already. I gave my garden extra water today. Soon I will be posting photos of my garden it has grown so much since the photos of it's infancy. 

Have a wonderful weekend whatever it is you decide to do!



  1. That fairy is so cute. I bet you had so much fun with her. :)
    It is so hot there!! Ewww. It has been in the 70's here...but the 90's for this week coming up...yuck.
    You have a nice weekend too!! ((BIG HUGS))!!

  2. Oh Wow is that way too Hot for me, I am happy in the 70's myself, but the low 80's can be bareable if there is a good wind going through.... Your fairy is too cute, neat wings!


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat