Thursday, June 13, 2013

Matchbox Die Happy Father's Day Card

I used the matchbook die from Lifestyle Crafts to make this cute father's day card.

ta da! the cute card I made using Lifestyle crafts matchbox die. I also used Memory Box Cars and house dies, they are cute and tiny and tiny little cloud dies as well. So fun to decorate this box. On the inside I cut yellow gingham paper to put in there, and decorated the sides of the box with green washi tape.

I had to cut the top out to make the 3-D look I was going for. 

That was a bit harder than I thought it would be.
I just love 3-D paper art it's my favorite. 

I put it on a card I cut with one of my movers and shapers dies, I like the one above because I don't even have to put a shape inside and I have a perfect card! It's this one 654782, I do not pay the price for the dies on the Sixxz website, only when they have their big sales!

The ink on the inside needs a touch up, but I am so sick today my throat is so scratchy and hurts so bad. I used an old Vintage car stamp by Hero Arts to decorate the inside of the card with an XOXO Stamp.

Check out this wonderful paper tray by Display Dynamics, I got it online with my last order to stack paper, it sure keeps all my paper neat, handy and space saving.

Because I needed a bit more room for other paper and folders, business cards and printing paper I bought those upright box paper holders, all the white ones are 12x12 and the two smaller decorative ones are the regular paper size, I put them into the cabinet. Great idea because before it was laying flat, now it's upright and organized and the best part, it's easy to get to and without digging through it all to find what you're looking for, and one more good thing, paper comes out undamaged!

I just heard some great news Placer County CA ranks 11th on the list for healthiest places of about 1200 counties across the US for kids to live, I wonder if that's for adults as well , that's awesome. I always knew this part of CA was a diamond in the ruff. If  you visited here you would know why, it's just a gorgeous place to live right in gold country with so many places for outdoor sporting.

Yesterday my husband had the day off, split days off this week and we did spring cleaning, it's almost summer, but we got it done finally.He trimmed the bushes that grew like crazy this spring and also a few trees just the branches that shot up. I took all the screens out of the house and cleaned the windows in and out of the house. Steve power washed them. So wonderful to have clean windows!

Have a great day! it's already Thursday crazy! I am cold this morning, I love it! brrrrr!


  1. You are so talented!! I am glad you have all of these crafts to keep you busy. I have pretty much been vegging this week. I hate that!
    Great work on the Spring cleaning!! Maybe you have inspired me to do "something"..."anything" today!! LOL!! Have a nice weekend Kat!! ((BIG HUGS))!!

  2. Happy Friday Kat!
    Hope you feel better real soon! You always amaze me how talented you are with all your crafts :) I love clean windows. I have to call a service to do mine since my place is 2 stories. It has been a few years but I think I will do it again this years after no chance of rain! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Father's Day to Steve. Hugs, Dru

  3. very cute scene, looks like you found a neat paper holder. Hope your feeling better soon, don't over due with all your spring cleaning


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat