Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My New Apple TV!

I finally got my Apple TV, been wanting this every since it came out. Now I can watch with the family our photos on the TV. I have tried with other devices we have that say it will work and does not work. So since I have a Mac computer I figured it would work and it did.

I had my husband hook it up to the TV, I am dumb when it comes to that part. After he does that I can get the wireless sharing done, he can't do that, so we both have our jobs to do. 

I got that done and started playing around with the Apple TV and I like it very much. Very functional for $99.00.

Now I have a reason to dump all my CD's music onto the computer so I can stream it to the Great Room. I Plan on putting my full collection onto the computer with 70's music and the genre's I like for these times as well, mostly alternative, pop, rock, jazz, oldies, gospel and Inspirational, country. I know with my ipod I could have done this but not my photos. I don't really use my ipod much anymore.

Went shopping with the hubby today for clothes for him and for our anniversary party, yikes Mr. Picky!!! I found a lot of nice shirts but he would not have anything to do with my choices. Finally I got him to choose a nice shirt I liked and he liked as well. I am 90% happy with it. I just wish it had more black in it, it has beige, black and white and I wanted only black and white because that is our theme for our anniversary party. 
I bought a $80.00 white dress for $30.00, and a shrug for $10.00 in black so there is my black and white. My shoes were nearly as much as the dress and shrug. 

Have a happy Wednesday!

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  1. I hadn't heard of Apple TV, sounds like it does everything you were hoping for.
    How neat your having a party for your anniversary, hope you guys enjoy your day celebrating!
    You asked on my blog were I live, I am in Illinois, across the river from St. Louis.


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat