Thursday, June 6, 2013

Recipes from the 50's - Lemon Coconut Igloo Cake

Don't you just love to get your hands on recipes from the 1950's? well I have quite a few because my mom has given me her old cookbook from the 1950's and in 1993 I cut out some recipes in a section of the magazine Redbook called Blasts from the Past.

Now no one really thought I was a baker because I am always talking about crafting. But I actually do bake and cook a lot. 

I should type them all out they are all pretty good recipes, I mean the Blast from the past recipes.
Grasshopper pie, Crazy Parfait's, Chocolate Drizzle Cake, Boy-Bait Blondies, Orange Banana HokeyPokey Cake. Such cute names!

 This one I have in this photo is my daughter's favorite, it has coconut and neither of my kids like coconut, but she eats this cake and likes it. I think she likes it because the coconut is toasted.
 It's not made out of the usual cake ingredients at all.
You'll see keep reading.....

This is the one I made and photographed. I am not a good photographer of food at all.

Click on the Screen Shots Above to Print the recipe. That way you don't have to print the whole page.

These are the cookies you need for this recipe, they don't get soggy and they work out perfectly.

It's falling apart

So here is my moms first cookbook the culinary arts institute encyclopedia cookbook. It is copyright 1950

This is the only colored photo in the book I think.

Have a happy Thursday!



  1. Oh how fun! And the cake looks so good! Coconut sound good right now :)

    Hugs to you!

  2. That cake looks really good!! I LOVE coconut!!
    I love the cookbook also. Such a treasure!! Have a nice weekend!! ((BIG HUGS))!!

  3. Oh!! I was going to post this in my blog today...but about the homeschooling for Josh that one year. We signed him up to a virtual school called MoVip (Missouri Virtual Instructional Program) he actually had a teacher online that could help. He got lectures and such online with this school and books/homework also online. Some things they sent us. It was all free. He stayed with my mother-in-law and did his schooling and if he needed help, I helped after I got off work. We also had a lot of snow days that year and I help him on those days as well. He worked at his own pace. It was hard kind of for the family to help...but he made good grades A's and B's....and I assigned books for him to be reading and took him to the library to help him learn to read harder books. :)

  4. The cake looks great!! I like to bake, too. But right now my daughter is taking on the baking hat! It is like I am discovering baking over again through her eyes! I love old cookbooks and think that they are the best! They are also so fun just to look at. Thanks for sharing this one.

    1. Susie you do not bake it at all! that is the great thing about it.


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat