Saturday, June 29, 2013

Splish Splash it's Summer! We're Roasting!

Here is my daughter's son Rylan, he was at the pool yesterday. Check out that pose! LOL! I love this photo of him.

we are in a heat wave today so far it's 104 but it will probably actually get hotter because it is not even 5 yet, that seems to be the hottest part of the day I think in these parts.

Check out the rest of the week
Sunday 109
Monday 106
Tuesday 111
Wednesday 111
Thursday 109
Friday 104
Then next Saturday back into the 80's, hopefully our Anniversary party which is on July 7th, next Sunday will not be to hot. I am wearing a white dress!

Well have a wonderful weekend and stay safe and cool wherever  you are.


  1. Your grandson so cute!
    And happy anniversary to you. I'm sure you will look classic beautiful. And I hope the weather will be nice.
    Here's the weather is pretty warm :)


  2. Oh my, he has that look of this is just too HOT.... I can't seem to take the heat anymore, hope things cool down a bit for you all out there!


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat