Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cupcakes Cupcakes Everything Cupcakes!

Everything's coming up cupcakes!

Well I finished my daughter Kirsten's cupcake table runner yesterday. I am thinking of making a quilt, a rainbow quilt. That is so me...since I sell and make rainbow crystal sun catchers!
I found a free pattern for it, but well the fabric is not free...darn it!

I really like the colors and they will match her kitchen, I hope she likes it!
This is the second cupcake table runner I have made the first one is here at this link.

The other day I was as Stephanie's Blog (The Enchanting Rose) and I had just finished my DIL's cupcake quilt, when I was visiting her blog and I spied her cupcake plate with a sweet treat on it. I asked her where she got them and said it was a gift from a friend and she had gotten them at Pier One Imports. That was to far to drive to for me, so I quickly forgot about them and then did some shopping for my granddaughter's birthday, yes all these birthday's at once! and on the way home I stopped at the grocery store and in the bread bakery were these cupcake plates, they are not exactly like Stephanie's but they are cute. I also found a platter so I bought two of those one for each of the girls. so now they have a cupcake platter to go with the table runners, but not only do they have those but I bought them a bag full of goodies, which I will show down the page.
The platter is on the second photos quilted table runner.

These are the little plates that are similar to Stephanie's, I bought two of them for myself. I could not resist them!

Here is what the cupcakes looked like before they went onto the quilt, they were made with hexagons.

Both the girls my DIL and daughter Kirsten will get the platters and towels that have a birthday cupcake recipe on them, how cute is that?

A Wilton Two-Toned Pan, I hope they feel like baking, but probably not in today's weather it is over 100 F and my 80 year old mother's air is not working, hubby is on the way to her house right now.

This also goes in their birthday bags, a cute cupcake spatula, colorburst by Wilton, cupcake baking cups and I also put in there a cake mix and some sprinkles just in case they didn't have any in the house they could get started right away baking. LOL!

This is a cake pop pan, this one is special for my daughter, I made for her son's baby shower cake pops, owls and something else and I still have a book on it, I will give that to her as well, but with kids in the house she should have fun making cake pops.

Here is the has the book for $12.00 this is really fun to do with the kids.

I should have made the girls some retro aprons but I am out of time.
The party is this weekend for my DIL and my daughter's next Friday the 2 of August. This weekend I am relaxing and reading 
Nicholas Sparks (At First Sight) so far it's pretty good, I started it last night after I put the last button on Kirsten's table runner!

Have a wonderful Friday and Great Weekend

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Another Day Trip to San Francisco

Monday Steve and I set out for a day trip to San Francisco about a one hour and 40 minute drive from our house. 
It had been so hot here, but when we got there it was cold. I always forget about the shocking difference in temps from inland and sea coast. Brrrrr! and I wore a skirt and light sweater I was so cold, today it is so hot I wish I was back in San Fran.

My best photo was posted to Instagram click here to view it.

This is a good photo not only because it is of myself LOL! with sun in my eyes and my face all distorted, but because it shows the Embarcadero, which is the eastern waterfront and roadway of the Port of San Francisco bridge which is behind me, it is the bridge that sustained major damage during the 1990's earthquake.

I am standing in a little seaport town called Sausalito...very quaint little town.

A few photos taken in the 90's in Sausalito of me and my family

my son Shane, Me and my daughter Kirsten

My husband was adorable! isn't he so handsome, it was a rainy day, memories I love them!

My mission was to get photos of the Golden Gate bridge from many different angles we had to drive all over the place to get them but it was fun. Just about the time we were leaving for home the sun came out. We will go back again and next time spend the night to get night shots.

Both this shot and the one below were taken in the Marin Headlands Bluff areas. 

This shot was taken from Bakers Beach

This was taken just past Bakers Beach at ? lookout, I forgot the name. We had a picnic there.

So those are the foggy ones.

Golden Gate Arches

There don't you feel like you were on the bridge now?

Sausalito Ferry, you can take this from Sausalito to Peir 39 in San Francisco or to the Alcatraz Island.

We did not take the Ferry, we drove all over it was fun.

My ice cream is above macadamia nut with chocolate swirl

Holding both mine and Steve's Ice cream. Yummy!

Ice Cream we got in Sausalito that place has been there forever!

one of our traveling Chihuahua's Edee. pronounced E D it's a girl. 

An old Church in the Marin Headlands

Nice drive through the Marin Headlands that is our SUV

Beautiful old homes with wrap around porches

I thought this was funny...... Sticky Monkey Flower in the Marin Headlands



I wrote three post today check out the other two
My Garden Here is the link to that post.

Birthday Cupcake Table Runner & Teacups and Teapots.  Click that link to read that posting from today as well. Very cute!

Have a very happy Saturday!


Cupcake Table Runner & Teacups & Teapot

Okay so last weekend I was on Facebook and I saw this adorable pattern for a cupcake table runner, I found at the
That is the link to the page where I purchased the adorable pattern cupcakes table runner quilt pattern by Cotton Way by Bonnie Olvaeson. It was not to hard but took a bit longer than I thought! but I love it, I am making another one for my daughter in her favorite colors, this one is for my DIL Jaime for her birthday today. I will give it to her next week when I see her.

I love this birthday cake display so cute! I got this quite a few years ago and love it. The cupcake I made using styrofoam ball and Doodletwine with real candy I glued onto the doodletwine and a candle in the center. 

Okay onto teacups and teapots

Here is my collection of Teapots and some teacups. I do have many more of both. I don't collect them anymore but these are in my curio cabinet that is full!

This is a teapot, teacups and sugar and creamer from my Lenox Collection, I also have the plates and more pieces to this set.

The teapot

sugar and creamer

How about some tea and a fake cupcake!? yummy!

This Victorian teapot and sugar and creamer I got in San Francisco when my kids were tots on Pier 39.

My daughter in laws new table runner made a great photo prop for me for the teacups and teapot. :)

Back awhile ago I posted my Great Grandmother's China from England that her mom bought her while she went home for a Holiday, check it out, it's over 100 years old now.

Have a wonderful Saturday!


How Does Your Garden Grow July 2013

We had a busy week, went to San Francisco, made a cupcake table runner for a birthday gift and started on the second one, worked in my garden, and made jewelry and suncatchers for my customers! Today I cleaned the house and photographed some new style of crystal suncatchers I made.

I am going to post like three different post today, each one a separate topic. This post is about my garden, it is growing like crazy and we are in another 100 degree hot wave. Oh how I wish I moved with my brother but not to Washington, but to Oregon. My favorite place is anywhere along the coast there.

So here is my garden.....

That is my little Chihuahua Yorkie mix a Chorkie Effie, did you know my great grandmother's name was Effie, but I like it for my dog. I don't think she would have approved, but maybe?? Effie follows me everywhere unlike my Chihuahua Edee she is very independent. 

 We will start with the tomatoes

Green Tomatoes anyone for green fried tomatoes? I have never eaten them but fried is not my cup of tea.

Roma Tomatoes

Next Peppers

I already got a few good peppers off this and I have about three different kinds of peppers, yellow, green and red

The other day I took these photos of my squash and there were no veggies on the vine but this morning I see them.

Lemon Cucumber Flower

Pickling Cucumbers 

More Squash 

my herb garden looks a bit shabby

I started more seedings for squash and tomatoes that I will plant in containers, I need more garden space. If we plan on spending another year in our house next year I will add more space to my garden. 

It's going to be fun to eat all this fresh truly organic veggies. 

Have a wonderful Saturday!