Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cupcakes Cupcakes Everything Cupcakes!

Everything's coming up cupcakes!

Well I finished my daughter Kirsten's cupcake table runner yesterday. I am thinking of making a quilt, a rainbow quilt. That is so me...since I sell and make rainbow crystal sun catchers!
I found a free pattern for it, but well the fabric is not free...darn it!

I really like the colors and they will match her kitchen, I hope she likes it!
This is the second cupcake table runner I have made the first one is here at this link.

The other day I was as Stephanie's Blog (The Enchanting Rose) and I had just finished my DIL's cupcake quilt, when I was visiting her blog and I spied her cupcake plate with a sweet treat on it. I asked her where she got them and said it was a gift from a friend and she had gotten them at Pier One Imports. That was to far to drive to for me, so I quickly forgot about them and then did some shopping for my granddaughter's birthday, yes all these birthday's at once! and on the way home I stopped at the grocery store and in the bread bakery were these cupcake plates, they are not exactly like Stephanie's but they are cute. I also found a platter so I bought two of those one for each of the girls. so now they have a cupcake platter to go with the table runners, but not only do they have those but I bought them a bag full of goodies, which I will show down the page.
The platter is on the second photos quilted table runner.

These are the little plates that are similar to Stephanie's, I bought two of them for myself. I could not resist them!

Here is what the cupcakes looked like before they went onto the quilt, they were made with hexagons.

Both the girls my DIL and daughter Kirsten will get the platters and towels that have a birthday cupcake recipe on them, how cute is that?

A Wilton Two-Toned Pan, I hope they feel like baking, but probably not in today's weather it is over 100 F and my 80 year old mother's air is not working, hubby is on the way to her house right now.

This also goes in their birthday bags, a cute cupcake spatula, colorburst by Wilton, cupcake baking cups and I also put in there a cake mix and some sprinkles just in case they didn't have any in the house they could get started right away baking. LOL!

This is a cake pop pan, this one is special for my daughter, I made for her son's baby shower cake pops, owls and something else and I still have a book on it, I will give that to her as well, but with kids in the house she should have fun making cake pops.

Here is the has the book for $12.00 this is really fun to do with the kids.

I should have made the girls some retro aprons but I am out of time.
The party is this weekend for my DIL and my daughter's next Friday the 2 of August. This weekend I am relaxing and reading 
Nicholas Sparks (At First Sight) so far it's pretty good, I started it last night after I put the last button on Kirsten's table runner!

Have a wonderful Friday and Great Weekend


  1. Oh I love the cupcakes :) And you found some plates - yay! They are perfect with your sweet table runner. The gifts are so fun, Kat :) Thanks for sharing with us.

    Hugs to you!

  2. You sure been busy! I think the hexagon cupcake idea is so cute!! I have that Cake-pop book and love all the ideas in it!! Your little cupcake plats are really fun, too! Everything is going to be really fun for them. Great job!

  3. those runners are too cute and I didn't even realize you used hexagons for them... how neat you were able to find some plates to go with it, fun gift ideas. The towel is neat to, enjoy your book, I like his stories.

  4. These are so lovely. The plates are most :)

    and I love cupcakes too.

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. I love your works very much!! The hexagons are amazing and difficult to make!

    I cannot wait to see your rainbow quilt!



Have a wonderful day! ~Kat