Saturday, July 20, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow July 2013

We had a busy week, went to San Francisco, made a cupcake table runner for a birthday gift and started on the second one, worked in my garden, and made jewelry and suncatchers for my customers! Today I cleaned the house and photographed some new style of crystal suncatchers I made.

I am going to post like three different post today, each one a separate topic. This post is about my garden, it is growing like crazy and we are in another 100 degree hot wave. Oh how I wish I moved with my brother but not to Washington, but to Oregon. My favorite place is anywhere along the coast there.

So here is my garden.....

That is my little Chihuahua Yorkie mix a Chorkie Effie, did you know my great grandmother's name was Effie, but I like it for my dog. I don't think she would have approved, but maybe?? Effie follows me everywhere unlike my Chihuahua Edee she is very independent. 

 We will start with the tomatoes

Green Tomatoes anyone for green fried tomatoes? I have never eaten them but fried is not my cup of tea.

Roma Tomatoes

Next Peppers

I already got a few good peppers off this and I have about three different kinds of peppers, yellow, green and red

The other day I took these photos of my squash and there were no veggies on the vine but this morning I see them.

Lemon Cucumber Flower

Pickling Cucumbers 

More Squash 

my herb garden looks a bit shabby

I started more seedings for squash and tomatoes that I will plant in containers, I need more garden space. If we plan on spending another year in our house next year I will add more space to my garden. 

It's going to be fun to eat all this fresh truly organic veggies. 

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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  1. looks like your garden is doing well, I only planted green peppers this year and they are really taking off this year, I think because of the cooler and wet spring we had this year


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat