Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Rainbow Quilt is God's Rainbow Quilt

I started making my rainbow quilt yesterday, cutting out the squares. I am halfway done sewing the top of the quilt. I was pretty sick from allergies and we've had a fire in the Sierra Mountains that is causing a blanket of smoke and haze to blanket the valley. But none the less after sleeping for so long I got up and got to work on my quilt though feeling very groggy.

I am going to show you my rainbow fabric at least that of which I have cut so far. My love for the rainbow is because it is Gods creation and I love colors, colors are so beautiful, they were created by God. I am praise God and I am thankful that he gives us beautiful colors to make what can be a dark world look so beautiful bringing us hope and peace that he is really there. Of course I have never doubted that he was not because I had a miracle happen in my life and he proofed to me he was there and I have never had to wonder, never.

It went pretty fast and I got half of the top of the quilt finished. Tomorrow will finish the other half of the top of the quilt. Sewing squares is quick and easy but this quilt will not look like a square when finished. Take a look here. I am making it exactly as the directions say using the exact fabric. It's childlike fabric, very spring, very sweet. I am actually making this quilt for myself. :)

I wrote this poem a few years ago because I wanted people to know why I love rainbows.

Who Created Rainbows? God created the rainbow

 Rainbow:  Symbolizes God's promises (Rev. 4:3)  Covenant (Gen 9:13 and 16).

I have to take a break and I guess I have been already because I have hardly had time to blog. But I have started a new website on Artfire, so now I am running three shops and they are keeping me busy. My main shop is my own website Krystal Kat's, I also have an Etsy Shop.
I have Pinterest if you want to hook up with me there and a Facebook fan page for Krystal Kat's

I sold my pair of earrings on Facebook within 24 hours of me posting them. Awesome!
I am going to try and find a bit more time to make these in silver with Crystal AB beads. Maybe another gold pair for my mom.

I will be by to visit my friends and then I am taking a bit of time off, just a few weeks. 
We are going to San Francisco for a few days just to hike and View a another lighthouse. We've seen this lighthouse before but it has been a long time, before digital cameras were what they are today. 

Have a wonderful week!


Friday, August 9, 2013

Anyone for a Cup of Tea?

Good Morning!

Isn't it nice that i finally have found a background for my blog that suits me? yes of course it is! I am so completely satisfied with it. It took me forever to find something I liked to put on my blog as a background.

Today is the day we reveal our teacups from the teacup exchange hosted by Stephanie.

I was surprised that I actually got a teacup because anytime I sign up for something it never works out that I get the exchange. I was so excited this time when the package came, I was not even exspecting it. It's like that saying when you least exspect it, not sure what the reference is for that saying but it fits here.

My teacup came from Stephanie's Grandmother Dee Ann. I thought that was a beautiful name and she not only sent me a beautiful teacup but a matching teapot with cookies and everything was wrapped up so pretty with a lovely card it was really so sweet and I was really excited and happy to get it.

Thank you Dee Ann if you should find your way to my blog.

So pretty and so me!

Updated: I forgot to say who my partner was....Linda Colantino

This is the teacup I sent her. I actually could  not find a cute teacup so my mother found one for her. 

Okay well I haven't blogged all week long..... been deep in thought and activity. I was working on some new techniques I have wanted to try one was making Chainmaille Earrings while waiting for a craft die to cut perfect squares for a quilt I am making to arrive, it did not arrive. I am still waiting. 

This is the chainmaille cluster earring, the other one is not photographed here, but this is for one ear! LOL! I did make both. They look really really really pretty on. I love them, the next ones I am making will be silver crystal AB. 
These are Swarovski Crystal Rose Gold drops with 14K filled earwires. I love gold and silver. 
Which do you prefer?

Come on over to my Facebook Page Krystal Kat's I post my jewelry and Crystal Suncatchers there.

The weather has been perfect here in the 80's and even the upper 70's after having almost 2 weeks of upper 90's and over 105 temps. It's been a blessing and I am so happy about it because I hate hot weather, that is one reason why I want to leave CA. I guess if you are lucky enough to live along the ocean you are not going to be so hot, but inland it is to hot for me.
When I got to San Francisco I am cold!
I much prefer the cold because I can wrap myself in a cozy sweater. 

I am up late because I am swamped with orders today, so been up making everyones pretty little crystal sun catchers!

Have a very nice weekend!


Friday, August 2, 2013

Swarovski Crystal Moravian Star - Kirsten's Birthday

This is the Swarovski Crystal Moravian Star, I think I spelled it wrong on my video switching around the a and i at the end of the word.

Watch the little sparkly video Moravian Star

Oh by the way I am looking for a smartphone app that I can edit my video's. I do not have an Apple IPhone even though I own everything Apple. Instead I have a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, I love it, but the app I want is for smartphone. Here is a link to a page with lots of video apps for your smartphone. I am trying each one, so far I don't like any of them that well. 

Nope I am not selling these, it would take a down payment for a house to purchase these wholesale. The thing about buying wholesale is you have to purchase in the 100's. These would be a fortune! a huge investment. I am sure they would see those they are gorgeous but you have to purchase all one color of something as well. Those are the drawbacks to wholesale. In any even I was able to get my hands on one through my Swarovski Sales rep at the wholesale price. I am so excited about this gorgeous 8983 Swarovski Crystal Moravian Star size 74mm x 117mm size.

Read the interesting story behind the Moravian Star here.

I have been sick all week long. Just not feeling myself mainly because I have had sleeping issues. 

Today was my daughter Kirsten's birthday so we went to Leatherby's, it's a family ice creamery local restaurant, I was not hungry either because I have not been feeling well but the french fries were good! yum. It was my mom, Steve, Kirsten, Rylan and Me. It was a nice little lunch with our daughter and grandson and grandma (my mom).

 My two sweeties

my friend Terry says she likes this photo best so I put this one on here as well. My husband took the photo with my Samsung smartphone.

This is the most adorable photo of Rylan with his little day care buddy at the park this Friday. So sweet. 

Have a wonderful weekend! I am going to try to feel better and get some blogging in!