Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Rainbow Quilt is God's Rainbow Quilt

I started making my rainbow quilt yesterday, cutting out the squares. I am halfway done sewing the top of the quilt. I was pretty sick from allergies and we've had a fire in the Sierra Mountains that is causing a blanket of smoke and haze to blanket the valley. But none the less after sleeping for so long I got up and got to work on my quilt though feeling very groggy.

I am going to show you my rainbow fabric at least that of which I have cut so far. My love for the rainbow is because it is Gods creation and I love colors, colors are so beautiful, they were created by God. I am praise God and I am thankful that he gives us beautiful colors to make what can be a dark world look so beautiful bringing us hope and peace that he is really there. Of course I have never doubted that he was not because I had a miracle happen in my life and he proofed to me he was there and I have never had to wonder, never.

It went pretty fast and I got half of the top of the quilt finished. Tomorrow will finish the other half of the top of the quilt. Sewing squares is quick and easy but this quilt will not look like a square when finished. Take a look here. I am making it exactly as the directions say using the exact fabric. It's childlike fabric, very spring, very sweet. I am actually making this quilt for myself. :)

I wrote this poem a few years ago because I wanted people to know why I love rainbows.

Who Created Rainbows? God created the rainbow

 Rainbow:  Symbolizes God's promises (Rev. 4:3)  Covenant (Gen 9:13 and 16).

I have to take a break and I guess I have been already because I have hardly had time to blog. But I have started a new website on Artfire, so now I am running three shops and they are keeping me busy. My main shop is my own website Krystal Kat's, I also have an Etsy Shop.
I have Pinterest if you want to hook up with me there and a Facebook fan page for Krystal Kat's

I sold my pair of earrings on Facebook within 24 hours of me posting them. Awesome!
I am going to try and find a bit more time to make these in silver with Crystal AB beads. Maybe another gold pair for my mom.

I will be by to visit my friends and then I am taking a bit of time off, just a few weeks. 
We are going to San Francisco for a few days just to hike and View a another lighthouse. We've seen this lighthouse before but it has been a long time, before digital cameras were what they are today. 

Have a wonderful week!



  1. The quilt looks great, sorry you have been feeling bad, my husband and daughter really suffer more than me with allergies. Hope the fires can all end soon. Have a great time when you are able to get away :)

  2. Omg! what a beautiful peom. I also love love rainbow, it reminds me that God is faithful to each of His promises and always there's a hope after the rain in life. Can I pin this poem? :)

    Anyway, you made really really beautiful earrings. I have wanted to learn to make more.

    Blessing to you and your family :)

  3. Hello sweet friend! Your quilt is going to be gorgeous with the many bright colors :) Your poem is precious - such lovely words. I can see why you sold your earrings so quickly, they are gorgeous!! I love them :)

    Thinking of you and enjoy your day. Hugs!

  4. Hope your allergies are better. Can't wait to see your finished quilt. You are quite the crafter Kat!!

  5. Beautiful post Kat. The quilt will be just gorgeous.
    Those earrings are lovely.

  6. Hi Kat,
    The colors in your quilt are absolutely beautiful! Very pretty earrings, too. Well done on the poem, Kat, it is wonderful. Wishing you a super weekend. ((hugs))

  7. Hi Kat,
    The colors in your quilt are absolutely beautiful! Very pretty earrings, too. Well done on the poem, Kat, it is wonderful. Wishing you a super weekend. ((hugs))


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat